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Rakeback is a sort of bonus where you get part of the rake for hands you are involved in. You need to sign up on some sort of a rakeback deal and after that you just play. There are rakeback deals starting at 20% and a couple of them giving as much as up to 60% back. It might seem a bit complicated signing up for a rakeback deal on a rakeback site and after that signing up again at a pokerroom but it’s pretty easy as soon as you get it going. Pokeriot can offer rakeback through Rakebacklovers and we are happy to say that they are very good at cutting smart deals for you and our other players.

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How does Rakeback Work?

Rakeback started with a few affiliates thinking that they should share some of their profit with the players signing up through them. This was of course not totally out of kindness but also a good way of attracting even more players. A lot of affiliates get Revenue Share from the poker rooms today, they get a percent of the rake the player generates. By giving a percent of this Revenue Share back to the player they cut their profit drastically but they also tend to attract really good players as these are the ones who care about rake and rakeback.

Every month, week or day the poker rooms pay the revenue share to the affiliate and he deposits it inte the account of the player, either on the rakeback site or in some rare occasions to his poker account. The player can after that decide to withdraw the money or add it to the bankroll.

A lot of the networks have chosen to disallow rakeback as it takes away a lot of the profits for the poker room and hands it back to the players. For a small poker room though it might be the only way to attract the players so a few cheat the networks offering rakeback anyway.

Playing with Rakeback

It seems as if Rakeback might disappear totally in the future because of that reason, the poker rooms and networks lose a lot of money offering rakeback. As of today though there are still a lot of poker rooms where you can get the king of all bonuses, the Rakeback


The Rakeback Topic is hot, since there are a lot of networks with a rakeback ban and a lot of affiliates wanting to offer the bonus a lot of poker rooms end up being squeezed in the middle. If you offer revenue share it's hard to keep track of what all your affiliates do. Some affiliates will pull a stunt offering rakeback even though the poker room does not allow it and some poker rooms will hand back part of the rake to the player without telling the network. One of the most read news on Pokeriot is the discovery of Betssons offers, of course Betsson got a chance to answer.

There is no question that the debate will continue, both within the networks and outside as Rakeback is the best bonus you can possibly have.

Pokeriots Rakeback Offers

Pokeriot.com has managed to get a deal with one of the best rakeback organizers in the world and can from now on offer kick as rakeback deals. If you are interested take a look in our Rakeback Section.

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