Poker Glossary

Definitions of all the important words and terms in poker. If you have an idea of a word to add to the poker glossary please contact us.


When a player decides to bet all his chips, this can be done because he has the best hand and wants as much money as possible from his opponent or to frighten an opponent to fold.


Betting chips in to the pot.

Big Blind

Before the game starts blinds have to be posted, this is a bet in the dark. The big blind has to be bet before the player sees his cards.

Big Slick

King and Ace as pocket cards. More:Big Slick


Removing a card from play, the dealer does this before showing the Flop, the Turn and the River. The reason for this is an old poker rule that makes it harder to cheat.


Betting the same amount that the previous bet in to the pot. This to stay in the game.


When you have already bet the same amount as all previous players, either by having posted big blind or when noone has placed any bets.

Chip leader

The player with the most chips in the tournament is the chip leader.

Community Cards

Community cards are the cards that all players can use. They are placed face up on the table.


Cost per aquisition, the most common method of affiliate deals from poker rooms.


The person dealing the cards.

Fifth street

The fifth and last of the community cards in Texas Hold'em.

Fixed Limit

When you the limits are fixed to a certain amount, you can only bet that exact amount.

Family pot

A pot where all players are in.


The first three community cards.

Fourth Street

The fourth community card, also called the Turn.

Dealer Button

When playing at a casino or online the person "dealing" has to be marked with a button becuase he isn't really dealing.


The cards in your hand.


When there are only two players playing at the table it is called Heads Up.


Raising a previous bet by adding even more chips to the pot.


The card that isn't in the pair, set or similar. Used to decide who the winner is if the other cards are the same for two players.

Small Blind

The small blind is posted before the round starts and is half the amount of thebig blind.


If you play with a limit there is a limit to the amount a player can bet.


Chosing not to participate in the hand by folding the cards.

No limit

When a player can bet as many chips as he pleases at any time.


The position around the table, compared to where the dealer is.


All the chips that have been bet so far in the hand.

Pot limit

If you play with pot limit you are only allowed to bet as much as is in the pot.


The percentage a casino or poker room takes of each pot as payment. More about: Rake


When the poker room offers a small amount of the rake back to the player as a bonus. More about: Rakeback


The fifth and last community card


A tournament that works as a qualifier for a bigger tournament. Satellites


Playing tight is to play only the really good hands or very few hands.


The fourth community card.


The World Series of Poker. Read more: WSOP

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