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A complete 3D chat room, only for poker players

The High Rollers Lounge is a complete chat room for Poker Players, you can select your avatar, sit down at a table and chat away with the other high rollers. There is even a wide range of settings for your avatar, select hairstyle, clothes and color of the eyes. You can sit down at the table as a stunning model or looking as close as Phil Ivey as possible, it's up to you.

Entering the poker chat room

The first thing you will see when you connect to the chat room is hopefully Liz, our 3D-chat hostess. She is nice but might have a bit of a rough language sometimes, don't get offended, that's just her personality. If you are nice to her she will probably like you a lot.

The tech behind the chat room

The High Rollers Lounge is built in the enviroment of Googles Lively. This makes it possible to report the lounge on almost every site as an Iframe. It also makes it extra simple to get started as you only need a Google-account and to download the client. You can also create your own room as easy as it is to do it in Sims or any similar game. Just point and click until you have everything just as you want it. Before you do that we really want you to try out the High Rollers Lounge though, strictly for poker players.

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