There is no such thing as free poker

Poker rooms make money from their players, that’s the whole business plan. They take a small slice of each pot and they do it all the time. To attract poker players they all use different tricks. Full Tilt tries to attract people with their large amount of famous pros, Pokerstars and Party floods us with commercials and Pokerloco has insanely big bonuses.

Poker money

A lot of poker rooms have big freerolls, saying that by playing there you have a chance to win money even if you don’t bet. They call it free poker. There is only one catch, there is no such thing as free poker. Do you really think that the poker rooms will give you money for nothing?

Of course you pay in some way. There are lots of ways to make money from non-paying players and the poker rooms use them all to make sure they make a big profit. The first and most obvious thing is that you get used to playing on their site. If you are used to it there is a bigger chance that you will cash up in the future. Another thing is that you are actually a market share, by grabbing hold of you they make sure no one else does. The shadier rooms might even sell your contact information to another poker room, since you have signed up for playing poker the buyer at least knows that you are interested in playing. There is no question that the poker room will make money from your “Free poker game” no matter what you think.


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