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US Poker Sites – a complete list

Sunday, September 14th, 2008

Poker Players in the US (flag)

Several of our readers have contacted us and asked for a list of poker sites accepting US players. As you know most of the poker rooms don’t accept players from the US because of the tougher gambling laws. Even though this might change soon it is still very useful to know what rooms you can play at for the time being. Becasue of this we set up a complete list to the US poker sites.          

 Creative commons Image by Elaron

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Poker keep booming in France

Saturday, September 13th, 2008

The interest for Online Poker in France seem to continue booming without stop. A number of high profil trials made the french public aware of onlinne poker or Poker en Ligne as it is called in french. The French has earlier been a bit sceptical about online gaming and the french government is doing what they can to stop gambling on the Internet. They fail desperately though and it seems no matter what they do, the interest for poker keep increasing in France. Google trends can show you that the amount of searches for poker related keywords in France the last year is several times bigger than 2005 or 2006. It is reasonable to believe that the traffic levels will stabilize on a level as it has done in other booming countries. 

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Online Poker Tools

Thursday, September 4th, 2008

If you play online poker and don’t know about the different poker tools to use you are being ripped off. Most of the players online that do make money uses one or other online poker tool. The idea is that when you play online you can actually keep track of all that information that you want to know when you play. If you would remember how much every player usually bets on the flop when they hit something, wouldn’t you play better?There are several tools that present statistics in an amazing way today, you can find things like you’re own statistics (teaching you to be a better player) and all the history you have with all the other players. When you come to a table with people you have met before the poker tool will show you instantly who the tight players are, who is passive post flop and with a few clicks you can see how much money you picked them for. Want to read more? Check our review of PokerOffice


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