Betsson answers


After the last article about Ongames unfair Rakeback Policy we got a lot of feedback. We thought that it was the right thing to do to let Betsson answer the statements in the article and here is the complete answer:

Betsson supports Ongame’s policy

As a hard working and serious gaming company, Betsson wants to point out its relation to Ongame and what we offer and do not offer our customers.

Betsson is an independent company which means that our agreement with Ongame as network is the same as every other operator in the network. This means that as Ongames states, Betsson is operating in a “rakeback free environment“ and have done from October 2007. The same goes for back to back bonuses.

We know that there have been affiliates working for us and giving out rakeback. As soon as this has come to our knowledge these affiliates have been suspended. In our aim to support Ongame to obtain the rakeback free environment, this is how we have to work.

Betsson wants to offer its customers a feeling of a high end product with a high level of service. This is how we attract and keep our customers.

Rumors about being an operator offering things to players that no other operator in the network does is not in line with how a serious betting company operates, and especially not Betsson. For other poker rooms in the Ongame Network Betsson therefore wants to clarify this by this article and explain that rumors are just rumors that have no real source.

We will together with Ongame proceed working for a “rakeback free environment” and are always open for new serious gaming companies in the network.


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