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Launching in Greece

Friday, November 28th, 2008

We now have a Greek section on Pokeriot. Greece is one of the fast growing poker markets and it’s reasonable that everyones favourite poker news site is translated for all our friends on the Mediterranean islands to enjoy. 

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You know you have been missing IT

Tuesday, November 25th, 2008 is a constantly growing site as you might have noticed and today we are proud to say that it is available in Italian as well. The slogan for the site in Italian (you know the: Pokeriot – Your guide to free online poker) is: – La tua guida gratuita al poker online. If you know how to speak, or at least read, Italian, take a look

A Bounty on your head

Friday, November 21st, 2008

Wanted! There is a bounty on your head. Have you ever played a tournament where you get some extra cash for knocking out one of the pros? We have managed to get an interview with Rokkaz from True Money Games Christmas Freeroll, there is a bounty on his head and we really wanted to know what it feels like.  


Rokkaz, there is a bounty on you on the christmas freeroll, why is that?

Yes, there is. Truth to be told TMG wanted to put a bounty on me for the freeroll and I accepted, it’s not much stranger than that.  

Have you played with a bounty on you before?

I have actually played a couple of times before with simillar set up, it’s a tricky as people tend to play every hand where you are involved.    

 Do you have any strategy for the event?

Of course I have a strategy, I’m going to play really tight so that whoever, if anyone, kicks me out really deserves it. It wouldn’t be fun if I would go all in directly, it needs to be a good hand.  

 Are you looking forward to the event?

Yes I do, I’m sure it will be a lot of fun and laughs. It’s also fun because it can sometimes be a bit more tricky to play with the freerolls players as they tend to do stranger moves. This one requires Player Points though so at least it’s players that normally play. It can be some really weird plays in the ordinary freerolls and I don’t really play them any more.  

 If you are interested in playing against Rokkaz and the rest of the players, you can find more info on the Merry Poker Freeroll at TrueMoneyGames.  


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