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Comparing Play money Backgammon to Play money Poker

Monday, December 15th, 2008

If you like me have played a lot of poker you know that play money is more or less useless. Betting play money isn’t the same as betting real money.In No limit hold’em this is extra obvious as it is actually a good strategy to go all in with almost anything just to double up. This because you have nothing to fear. Calling an all in with 9, 6 offsuit isn’t as stupid as it sounds as you might double up and the cost is nothing. Play money poker made me think play money is stupid in general but I have actually changed that opinion.Play Money Backgammon table from True Money Games Play money Backgammon is actually a real game even though the money is fake, yes play money players tend to double a bit on the wild side but it doesn’t destroy the game as it does in poker. Someone always accepting the double in backgammon does a lot less damage to the game than someone always calling every raise in poker. The doubling is only a minor part of the game in backgammon and more of a traditional bet on who’s going to win. If you feel secure that you will win you double. Betting in poker though is the game, if you take that out of it and go all in all the time poker is one of the most boring games in the world. Just getting 7 cards and trying to get the best hand is more of a kids game than a proper game. 

From my perspective play money backgammon is actually fun (even though I hardly ever win even against play money players). It’s really worth a shot playing. 

Update on Betsson, Ongame and Rakeback

Friday, December 12th, 2008

A while ago a Pokeriot journalist managed to get hold of information about a large number of affiliates offering Betsson Rakeback even though Ongame obviously prohibit Rakeback. Betsson was allowed to answer the article and claimed that they were actively working to remove all rakeback offers on their affiliates sites.   


 It might seem like the kind of answer that any poker room would give on an article showing such obvious flaws but now a few months later most of the Rakeback offers have actually disappeared. There are still a few of the listed offers available but in most cases they are gone and in some the whole sites. We at Pokeriot can only applaud Betsson for taking care of the problem in a fast and professional way.  


The question wether Ongames Policy is fair still stands though, even though Betsson are out of trouble this time. Is the Ongame Enviroment really Rakeback Free? Well, as long as poker rooms offer Revenue Share there will always be Rakeback in kind, it’s way to simple to start out as an affiliate and have your friends sign up through you, paying them a percent. If Ongame truly whishes to fight Rakeback, slapping fines on the rooms is not the answer, the answer is disabling Revenue share possibilites. 


The truth is probably somewhere in between, rakeback is bad for the network in a lot of ways but not so bad that it would be worth it to remove rev-share. Like in most online games they just want to do enough to be able to say that there isn’t any cheating. They settle for saying we have a no-rakeback-policy so that they can attract bigger poker rooms that would lose money from smaller rakeback offering rooms.  

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Poker Office 5 Finally!

Thursday, December 11th, 2008

Poker Office, a poker software that we have talked about a lot here on Pokeriot, has for a long time been the absolutely best poker tool that you can find. It’s also free if you sign up on one of their supporting poker rooms. The weekend they released the Poker Office 5 Open Beta so that all of us can get a sneak preview of the new software. We can soon expect the final version to be released.

What is new in PokerOffice 5?

One of the most important new features is support for Windows Vista, something that has been a major problem with previous versions.

A lot of new statistics. Poker Office has always been the tool to offer the most and best staistics on overlay (you can decide what to show directly on the poker table) and of course they are improving it even more in the new verision.

New Overlay. The overlay is completely new where you can customize several extra windows with the data that you want.

The Fish Finder. A completely new search function where you can search through the whole database for the Fish. You can select and set more than 200 variables to refine your search for the bad players.

Plugins. Poker Office 5 offers the possibility to create your own plugins and filters that you can use and share with others. This means that you can get custom statistics in all parts of the new version of Poker Office.

Faster. The new statistics engine is a LOT faster than the old one.

More filter options. The options for the filters have been expanded giving you the possibility to customize even more.

+ much more

Find out more about PokerOffice or go to Poker Office 5

Want to become a Porno Star?

Sunday, December 7th, 2008

What kind of tournaments have you seen in world of online poker?

In championships of poker the majority of participants are there to show their level of skill in the game. The best way to do that is joining a league, where you will find other good players who also want to show their skills and competitive instincts. Last but not least, in the end of all this you have the enormous prizes.

Championships are fun, emotional and make you want to prove that you are the best among all other competitors that are there and the odds are always an attraction for those who play and those attending the events.

There are championships every week so whether you are an amateur or a professional there is always somewhere to play.

But what to do when that is not interesting anymore and when you actually goal is to become a porn actor? The Swank Poker joined the industry of online sex and if you are 18 years or older this might be something for you. The promotions include supply of condoms for a year, international trips to brothels, erotic videos or what about a whole day with an escort girl? The imagination of Swank Poker is definitely not lacking.

The site has created a league that its members take very seriously. The championship gives the winner the chance to be a part of an adult film and guess what – it is a success!

The advantage in this promotion for those players more timid is that the site gives the option of doing the filming of the sex scenes using a mask which helps even more to promote the championship.

The poker is increasingly being associated with sex. The Strip Poker is a fever among many players of poker and is now available on the internet and electronic games for curious.

But who would have said that a site for online poker could have as much success as putting a championship together rewarding you with a place in a adult movie as the main prize?

Well, I bet you have seen nothing yet – what’s next?

James Bond – No Limit

Sunday, December 7th, 2008

The story of James Bond also known as 007 began in books. The first story, written by the writer Ian Fleming is entitled Casino Royale and was published in 1953.

Ian Fleming was inspired by himself to write the story of James Bond, as Ian was a secret agent of the British government during World War II, fascinated by betting and games together with luck with the women – doesn’t that remind one of 007?

The name James Bond was inspired by the name of the author of the book (Birds of the West Indies) that Ian read while traveling to Jamaica on vacation.

The story of the first book of the James Bond saga is about before he was promoted to be a 007 Agent with license to kill. In his first mission, James Bond goes to Montenegro to face Le Chiffre (the villain of the story) in a game of poker in the famous casino called Casino Royale. There are currently 22 James Bond films including the missions and stories of Agent 007. The first film was released in 1962. It was called Dr. No and starred at first Agent 007 – namely Sean Connery.


James Bond

Casino Royale is the 21th movie in the series of James Bond and in 2006 Daniel Craig became the sixth actor to interpret James Bond with Casino Royale which marked his debut in the role of Agent 007.

Casino Royal was produced in 2006, but is actually a prequel to the whole series as the movie is the first story in a beginning saga of the James Bond with the codename 007.

In this movie, as well as in the book, James Bond needs to go to Casino Royale in Montenegro to play a game of poker – in this movie against Le Chiffre, played by Danish Mads Mikkelsen.

It is the sixth time that the casino in Montenegro is shown in the official Bond films and the scene where Bond and Le Chiffre is heads-up will certainly be a classic in cinema, which once again shows the great importance poker as a competitive game of cards in the world has.


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