What’s your take on Bulldozers

Everyone has a different view on Bulldozers in the game, some will leave the table, some will want them on the left and some will want them on the right. What’s your take on bulldozers at the poker table?
Personally I love to have a bulldozer directly to the left of me, this leaves him open for a little stunt I pull every time. He will of course defend his blinds if I bet into him preflop if I’m on the button or if I’m small blind (this stunt works with anyone defending their blinds to hard but it’s better with a bulldozer because you can sort of do the same thing even when he’s not on the blinds). I realize that I’m building this trick up a little to much as it’s not the most amazing poker play you have ever seen but it has one good quality, it’s certain money.
It will cost you a little to set this up both in time and money,  you have to try and steal the blinds a number of times and fail. Don’t try to hard because you don’t want to drop to much money in to the pot. If he folds, fine, you got the blinds, it was not really intended but it can happen. Usually though he will either call or raise (he is a bulldozer after all) and if he calls, play the hand passively afterwards, fold to any bet if you don’t hit a good hand, never bet. If he raises, fold fast.
Keep doing this until you get a hand and when you do, slow play him like if you were at a shuffleboard game. Check if you can, call with lots of tought and I promis you he will bet big. He might not bet big on the flop, he might not do it on the turn but he will bet big on the river. The best part is that you can do this over and over again, he will think that he is outplaying you all the time yet money somehow seeps in to your stack.
This is how I like to do it, how do you like it?


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