Poker Online for Real Money

Real Money Poker is the only poker. If you haven’t figured this out until now it’s time to let go of the side and start swimming. Play Money Poker is not poker as the betting part loses it value. And let me let you in on a little secret, the betting part is the whole game.

Play PokerOnline for REAL MONEY

If you are going to play you need to play for real money as the play money tables are all fucked upp. If your thought was that you would learn at play money tables and freerolls first and then move on the real game you are fooling yourself. Play Money poker doesn’t work. People will call with anything, on a real money table this is a good thing but when you play to learn and everybody does this the game gets twisted. You need to play real money poker.

There are millions of sites offering real money poker and if you can’t find one there is something seriously wrong with you. If there is try the link i pasted in above.



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