US Poker Rooms

You noticed of course that a number of big Poker Rooms just disappeared but did you know that they are far from all of the poker rooms out there accepting US Players?

Top Pick

The Top Pick Right now is – they are getting a big chunk of the players from Full Tilt and Poker Stars. If you did enjoy playing poker on either of these bigger rooms True Poker and the Yatahay Network is where you want to go as it seems most players are ending up there.Most Poker Rooms don’t offer poker to US players as you might know and that’s the reason that just Poker Stars, Absolute, Ultimate Bet and Full Tilt Poker got busted.

True Poker

True Poker on the other hand do offer US poker and keeps doing it. They’ve been around longer than any of the other rooms and they are stable. My recommendation definately goes for trying True Poker out.


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