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Top Tips For Poker And Betting

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

You may have experienced some ill luck playing one of the most popular card games in the world. The key to successful poker and betting is to understand the basic tools to play in a winning manner. There are a few tips one should consider when it comes to experiencing more of a lucky streak in this competitive game.

When it comes to gambling always use your head over your heart. It is important that the money you bet, you can afford to place at risk, but the pint is to always have fun. You will need to start by familiarizing yourself with the rules and strategies of the game, to always remain aware of the actions of your opponents and the odds of selecting the winning cards, read more at this website.

Many do not understand the difference between a bank roll and a buy-in when entering a tournament. The buy-in refers to the cash you will start with when placing a bet whereas the bankroll is the total sum with which you have to play over a period of time. When purchasing chips, it is best advised yo designate a specific amount of money for this purpose rather than use the entire sum you have set aside.

In the instance that you notice the chip stack becoming low, rather purchase more to prevent it from depleting. UnPokerfortunately in this competitive game, your power lies in the number of chips you possess, which is diminished where a stack becomes too low. If you are unable to purchase additional chips, you should rather end the game and prevent playing from a weaker position.

With poker and betting it is important that one adopt a disciplined approach and determine the odds of winning. By familiarizing oneself with the range of strategies and techniques you are better able to play from a position of power. Consider whether you are able to risk a specified amount of money in placing a particular bet.

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Poker Online for Real Money

Thursday, July 15th, 2010

Real Money Poker is the only poker. If you haven’t figured this out until now it’s time to let go of the side and start swimming. Play Money Poker is not poker as the betting part loses it value. And let me let you in on a little secret, the betting part is the whole game.

Play PokerOnline for REAL MONEY

If you are going to play you need to play for real money as the play money tables are all fucked upp. If your thought was that you would learn at play money tables and freerolls first and then move on the real game you are fooling yourself. Play Money poker doesn’t work. People will call with anything, on a real money table this is a good thing but when you play to learn and everybody does this the game gets twisted. You need to play real money poker.

There are millions of sites offering real money poker and if you can’t find one there is something seriously wrong with you. If there is try the link i pasted in above.

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Tips To Excel In Online Casino

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

Choosing the right online casino is the first step to ensure that you are getting the best out of your game and receiving the highest possible bonus. You need to spend some time doing your homework in order to find the best online casino. You need to check on these points to choose the right casino.

•    Is the online casino reliable?
•    Does it offer free casino games?
•    Is there an online bonus? If yes, how much?
•    Are you sure that it’s the best one available?
•    What are the stakes?
•    What are the minimum deposit amounts?
•    Does the website offer your preferred language?
•    Is it secure?

You can also take a look at reliable casino reviews and directory listings before you make a final decision. Choosing the right online casino is the first step to ensure how much you succeed. So give it some time. Avoid rushing into the first site you come across, wait for places such as Point Poker.

You will see that there are many professional gamblers who are successful in almost whatever they do. Are they plain lucky? Or are they scammers? In most cases, they are neither. They simple follow some easy tips and flourish. They set their loss limits. For example, if a player has $100 and his loss limit is 50%. Then it means that when he loses $50, it is time to leave. You too, stick to this rule. Try and stop when you have a profit no matter how small it is. Try not to be greedy. Leave before you start losing majorly. You need to instil a sense of discipline in yourself if you want to succeed in online casino game. Chalk out rules for yourself and stick to them. You are sure to do great in online casinos, as long as you choose good ones. Never hesitate to use a Poker odds calculator either!

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Chili Poker review

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

Chili Poker is available on the iPoker network and offers online poker players the chance to compete on all the networks great tournaments and a chance to be part of all the online promotions the site has to offer. As well as all this the site also offers some good satellites as well as some free rolls. Most of the games are loose and with them being part of the iPoker network they have some of the highest volumes of traffic on the in the industry. The Chili Poker site also has a pro team that is headed by the talented poker diva Liz Lieu and with her at the helm you can be sure that you are in for a good online poker experience.

The software on offer is developed by the skilful team at PlayTech and they offer a good online poker experience that develops into quite an in depth game playing experience. The network as a whole is now among the top five in the industry and this allows players to benefit from all the network promotions that are on offer.

Chili Poker’s main market is France but as all poker rooms they warmly welcome players from all over the world. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a poker room with mainly English speaking players you might want to look at a few UK Poker reviews before choosing where to start playing.

Games on Chili Poker are often on the loose side but there is a good development of casino players as well as a lot of new recruits joining every day there is something for everyone in terms of skill level and player differences across the board.
As you would expect being part of the iPoker network there is a very good player base so there is plenty of poker action to be had twenty four seven although most of their players are based in Europe this is largely due to the US legislation that prevents credit card companies from collecting monies wagered by players on the site.

The games that are on offer are the usual poker games that you find on most online poker rooms with Texas Hold Em being the most predominant game while there are also variations on the ever growing in popularity Omaha games as well as seven and five card stud games.

With plenty of competitions on offer and with good value satellites and free rolls as well the traffic volume is at the top of the industry with around ten thousand ring game players and around fifty five thousand for their tournaments during peak hours then it is easy to see why these numbers are still growing daily and will soon be competing for the top spot.
In short Chili Poker offers the poker player a very good and top end poker experience with extremely good software and with its new partnership with MasterCard that actually allows the holder to use their winnings straight away whether you use it online or offline then you are sure to find something to buy.

All new features available include the stat checking facility which allows you to keep an eye on the way you are playing so all in all Chili Poker is certainly worth a taste.

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What’s your take on Bulldozers

Monday, July 6th, 2009

Everyone has a different view on Bulldozers in the game, some will leave the table, some will want them on the left and some will want them on the right. What’s your take on bulldozers at the poker table?
Personally I love to have a bulldozer directly to the left of me, this leaves him open for a little stunt I pull every time. He will of course defend his blinds if I bet into him preflop if I’m on the button or if I’m small blind (this stunt works with anyone defending their blinds to hard but it’s better with a bulldozer because you can sort of do the same thing even when he’s not on the blinds). I realize that I’m building this trick up a little to much as it’s not the most amazing poker play you have ever seen but it has one good quality, it’s certain money.
It will cost you a little to set this up both in time and money,  you have to try and steal the blinds a number of times and fail. Don’t try to hard because you don’t want to drop to much money in to the pot. If he folds, fine, you got the blinds, it was not really intended but it can happen. Usually though he will either call or raise (he is a bulldozer after all) and if he calls, play the hand passively afterwards, fold to any bet if you don’t hit a good hand, never bet. If he raises, fold fast.
Keep doing this until you get a hand and when you do, slow play him like if you were at a shuffleboard game. Check if you can, call with lots of tought and I promis you he will bet big. He might not bet big on the flop, he might not do it on the turn but he will bet big on the river. The best part is that you can do this over and over again, he will think that he is outplaying you all the time yet money somehow seeps in to your stack.
This is how I like to do it, how do you like it?

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Legend of the Drunken Master

Friday, March 20th, 2009

Legend of the drunken master - girlIf you’ve ever seen the old Hong Kong flick, the Legend of the Drunken Master you know something that a lot of fighters don’t know, some people are better when drunk.

There are some of us that play better poker when drinking as well, I would not promote this as a strategy but for some reason it is true.  Maybe it’s the old relaxing theory, maybe it’s something else but I have a totally different idea. Alcohol makes you really, really smart.  This might seem weird to you becaue you’ve been told by really smart people all your life that alcohol is bad for you. They wouldn’t say that if it actually makes you a genius?The truth is that they would. If you have an edge on your opponent, there is a tell or you he tilts badly after every lost hand, would you try to keep that edge? I think you would because the world is a competitive place. If you would happen to be one of the really smart people, getting the best grades, having the highest salary around, would you go around telling people how you became so smart?


The truth is that if you did you wouldn’t be all that amazing anymore, your grades would be averege and sooner or later som young punk would steal your job because you would be mediocre. Really smart people understands this.

There is all the reason in the world for really smart people to keep the rest of the people in the world dumb. They will protect their domain as best they can and being really smart they would probably come up with an amazing scheme. We are very close to the truth now because this is exactly what is going on in our world today, alcohol makes you smart and the evidence is flawless, smart people tell us the opposite.

The next time you sit down at a table and there’s one of those guys that always keeps a glass of free alcohol in his hands, he might be a card counting brainiac so watch out.

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Good players never get lucky

Friday, March 13th, 2009

Are you one of those players that have a constant bad luck? Is your hand always the better when you go all in and does your opponent always aout draw you? There is a very simple explanation to this and it has nothing to do with luck.
We have all seen them throw a tantrum at the table, the players that actually are good but their temper makes them go on tilt every time they lose a hand on the river. We have them at the home games and we have them on tv when we watch the pros play. They complain that everyone else is lucky and they never get to win a hand on luck. Maybe you’re even one yourself and let me tell you, it can cripple your game.

Raging titl?If you on the other hand understand why it’s actually true, good players are lucky less than the beginners, maybe you can stay calm and prevent that raging tilt. It’s all about simple statistics, if you are the better player you will not get lucky, the worse player you are the more room there is for luck.  This is quite the opposite of sports where good players can opt to have more luck (or more random events being in their favor) First of all we need to remember that poker is a game of odds. If you go all in when you have the better hand you might have 70% chance of winning or with an even better hand 80%.

If you have your opponent pinned with a flush draw after turn and you already hit the straight he has about 25% chance to hit that missing card. You have a massive advantage of 75% chance of winning. You did everything right, this was a good play from you, 75% is about as good as it gets but remember he still has 25% chance to win. He will win 1 out of 4 showdowns like this and he will be lucky every time he wins.

You on the other hand will win 3 out of 4 and none of your wins will be lucky because you had the best hand. If this is constant, you are the better player and you will never win a hand on luck. Your opponent will though, he will win 25% of all hands on pure luck and that is due to the very simple reason that statistics demand him to win some hands.

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Comparing Play money Backgammon to Play money Poker

Monday, December 15th, 2008

If you like me have played a lot of poker you know that play money is more or less useless. Betting play money isn’t the same as betting real money.In No limit hold’em this is extra obvious as it is actually a good strategy to go all in with almost anything just to double up. This because you have nothing to fear. Calling an all in with 9, 6 offsuit isn’t as stupid as it sounds as you might double up and the cost is nothing. Play money poker made me think play money is stupid in general but I have actually changed that opinion.Play Money Backgammon table from True Money Games Play money Backgammon is actually a real game even though the money is fake, yes play money players tend to double a bit on the wild side but it doesn’t destroy the game as it does in poker. Someone always accepting the double in backgammon does a lot less damage to the game than someone always calling every raise in poker. The doubling is only a minor part of the game in backgammon and more of a traditional bet on who’s going to win. If you feel secure that you will win you double. Betting in poker though is the game, if you take that out of it and go all in all the time poker is one of the most boring games in the world. Just getting 7 cards and trying to get the best hand is more of a kids game than a proper game. 

From my perspective play money backgammon is actually fun (even though I hardly ever win even against play money players). It’s really worth a shot playing. 

Want to become a Porno Star?

Sunday, December 7th, 2008

What kind of tournaments have you seen in world of online poker?

In championships of poker the majority of participants are there to show their level of skill in the game. The best way to do that is joining a league, where you will find other good players who also want to show their skills and competitive instincts. Last but not least, in the end of all this you have the enormous prizes.

Championships are fun, emotional and make you want to prove that you are the best among all other competitors that are there and the odds are always an attraction for those who play and those attending the events.

There are championships every week so whether you are an amateur or a professional there is always somewhere to play.

But what to do when that is not interesting anymore and when you actually goal is to become a porn actor? The Swank Poker joined the industry of online sex and if you are 18 years or older this might be something for you. The promotions include supply of condoms for a year, international trips to brothels, erotic videos or what about a whole day with an escort girl? The imagination of Swank Poker is definitely not lacking.

The site has created a league that its members take very seriously. The championship gives the winner the chance to be a part of an adult film and guess what – it is a success!

The advantage in this promotion for those players more timid is that the site gives the option of doing the filming of the sex scenes using a mask which helps even more to promote the championship.

The poker is increasingly being associated with sex. The Strip Poker is a fever among many players of poker and is now available on the internet and electronic games for curious.

But who would have said that a site for online poker could have as much success as putting a championship together rewarding you with a place in a adult movie as the main prize?

Well, I bet you have seen nothing yet – what’s next?

James Bond – No Limit

Sunday, December 7th, 2008

The story of James Bond also known as 007 began in books. The first story, written by the writer Ian Fleming is entitled Casino Royale and was published in 1953.

Ian Fleming was inspired by himself to write the story of James Bond, as Ian was a secret agent of the British government during World War II, fascinated by betting and games together with luck with the women – doesn’t that remind one of 007?

The name James Bond was inspired by the name of the author of the book (Birds of the West Indies) that Ian read while traveling to Jamaica on vacation.

The story of the first book of the James Bond saga is about before he was promoted to be a 007 Agent with license to kill. In his first mission, James Bond goes to Montenegro to face Le Chiffre (the villain of the story) in a game of poker in the famous casino called Casino Royale. There are currently 22 James Bond films including the missions and stories of Agent 007. The first film was released in 1962. It was called Dr. No and starred at first Agent 007 – namely Sean Connery.


James Bond

Casino Royale is the 21th movie in the series of James Bond and in 2006 Daniel Craig became the sixth actor to interpret James Bond with Casino Royale which marked his debut in the role of Agent 007.

Casino Royal was produced in 2006, but is actually a prequel to the whole series as the movie is the first story in a beginning saga of the James Bond with the codename 007.

In this movie, as well as in the book, James Bond needs to go to Casino Royale in Montenegro to play a game of poker – in this movie against Le Chiffre, played by Danish Mads Mikkelsen.

It is the sixth time that the casino in Montenegro is shown in the official Bond films and the scene where Bond and Le Chiffre is heads-up will certainly be a classic in cinema, which once again shows the great importance poker as a competitive game of cards in the world has.


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