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James Bond – No Limit

Sunday, December 7th, 2008

The story of James Bond also known as 007 began in books. The first story, written by the writer Ian Fleming is entitled Casino Royale and was published in 1953.

Ian Fleming was inspired by himself to write the story of James Bond, as Ian was a secret agent of the British government during World War II, fascinated by betting and games together with luck with the women – doesn’t that remind one of 007?

The name James Bond was inspired by the name of the author of the book (Birds of the West Indies) that Ian read while traveling to Jamaica on vacation.

The story of the first book of the James Bond saga is about before he was promoted to be a 007 Agent with license to kill. In his first mission, James Bond goes to Montenegro to face Le Chiffre (the villain of the story) in a game of poker in the famous casino called Casino Royale. There are currently 22 James Bond films including the missions and stories of Agent 007. The first film was released in 1962. It was called Dr. No and starred at first Agent 007 – namely Sean Connery.


James Bond

Casino Royale is the 21th movie in the series of James Bond and in 2006 Daniel Craig became the sixth actor to interpret James Bond with Casino Royale which marked his debut in the role of Agent 007.

Casino Royal was produced in 2006, but is actually a prequel to the whole series as the movie is the first story in a beginning saga of the James Bond with the codename 007.

In this movie, as well as in the book, James Bond needs to go to Casino Royale in Montenegro to play a game of poker – in this movie against Le Chiffre, played by Danish Mads Mikkelsen.

It is the sixth time that the casino in Montenegro is shown in the official Bond films and the scene where Bond and Le Chiffre is heads-up will certainly be a classic in cinema, which once again shows the great importance poker as a competitive game of cards in the world has.


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