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Comparing Play money Backgammon to Play money Poker

Monday, December 15th, 2008

If you like me have played a lot of poker you know that play money is more or less useless. Betting play money isn’t the same as betting real money.In No limit hold’em this is extra obvious as it is actually a good strategy to go all in with almost anything just to double up. This because you have nothing to fear. Calling an all in with 9, 6 offsuit isn’t as stupid as it sounds as you might double up and the cost is nothing. Play money poker made me think play money is stupid in general but I have actually changed that opinion.Play Money Backgammon table from True Money Games Play money Backgammon is actually a real game even though the money is fake, yes play money players tend to double a bit on the wild side but it doesn’t destroy the game as it does in poker. Someone always accepting the double in backgammon does a lot less damage to the game than someone always calling every raise in poker. The doubling is only a minor part of the game in backgammon and more of a traditional bet on who’s going to win. If you feel secure that you will win you double. Betting in poker though is the game, if you take that out of it and go all in all the time poker is one of the most boring games in the world. Just getting 7 cards and trying to get the best hand is more of a kids game than a proper game. 

From my perspective play money backgammon is actually fun (even though I hardly ever win even against play money players). It’s really worth a shot playing. 


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