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The Dream of the perfect hand

Wednesday, February 13th, 2008

There are those who will claim that poker is just a game. Others will claim that they are just in it for the money. There are of course those who play because they consider it relaxing and fun but is it really what drives a player to spend day and night in front of the computer or in the casino?

Playing poker

Are those reasons substantial enough to put all these players through the hell that we call the nightly grind? I don’t think so, I think it’s something else. Just as the band Moder Jords Massiva dream of the perfect sound the poker players dream of the perfect hand. You might not know it yet but so do you. You are sitting relaxed on your stool in front of that pale screen, maybe a soda in your hand, clicking fold over and over again but deep within you there is a small dream hiding.

Am I not right? How much would you give to hit the full house on the WSOP main event final table when Daniel Negreanu flops a flush? I know I would give quite a lot to do it. Even if it’s not big dreams like that there is the search for the perfect hand. Poker is very similar to painting or figure skating when it comes to perfection. There are some that do it for fun and some that spend years to improve their skills just for that one perfect painting or play. Maybe you disagree but the small winnings from the freerolls can’t possibly be the thing that makes you spend all night playing and exactly how fun is the grind?

The perfect hand has it’s lure, the promises are plenty. One perfect hand is enough to put you on the map of terra poker. It will not make you the biggest star of course, there are those that have a double perfect hand combo. As you might have guessed I’m talking about a certain Brunson and the ten-deuce in -76 and -77. What it will do though is making a lot of dreams come true, if you are lucky enough to play that perfect hand at the right moment. If you manage to be lucky and smart enough to do the perfect play where it matters it can change your life.

I’m certain that every poker player will play a perfect hand at least once or twice in a career, some get lots of them but for all of us that aren’t superstars once or twice is enough. It is only a question of when, it is a sad thing to waste the play of your life on a play money tournament. Better make sure that you play where there is at least the possibility to win. Play where your perfect hand can make a difference because if you get just one or two, you want it to be at the high rollers table.


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