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Legend of the Drunken Master

Friday, March 20th, 2009

Legend of the drunken master - girlIf you’ve ever seen the old Hong Kong flick, the Legend of the Drunken Master you know something that a lot of fighters don’t know, some people are better when drunk.

There are some of us that play better poker when drinking as well, I would not promote this as a strategy but for some reason it is true.  Maybe it’s the old relaxing theory, maybe it’s something else but I have a totally different idea. Alcohol makes you really, really smart.  This might seem weird to you becaue you’ve been told by really smart people all your life that alcohol is bad for you. They wouldn’t say that if it actually makes you a genius?The truth is that they would. If you have an edge on your opponent, there is a tell or you he tilts badly after every lost hand, would you try to keep that edge? I think you would because the world is a competitive place. If you would happen to be one of the really smart people, getting the best grades, having the highest salary around, would you go around telling people how you became so smart?


The truth is that if you did you wouldn’t be all that amazing anymore, your grades would be averege and sooner or later som young punk would steal your job because you would be mediocre. Really smart people understands this.

There is all the reason in the world for really smart people to keep the rest of the people in the world dumb. They will protect their domain as best they can and being really smart they would probably come up with an amazing scheme. We are very close to the truth now because this is exactly what is going on in our world today, alcohol makes you smart and the evidence is flawless, smart people tell us the opposite.

The next time you sit down at a table and there’s one of those guys that always keeps a glass of free alcohol in his hands, he might be a card counting brainiac so watch out.

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