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Poker bonuses

Monday, July 7th, 2008

The bonuses in poker online can vary a lot from site to site. How big the bonuses are an a certain site is usually a sign of how valuable the poker room consider their bonus players. Of course, the amount of profit they want to make on the player is also a factor, a fresh poker room might want to get attention by offering bigger bonuses than they actually can afford in the long run.

Two poker rooms that have profiled themselves as big bonus rooms are PokerLoco and Hollywood, both offering massive amounts in bonus to their bonusplayers. Hollywood with bonuses on several hundred percent and PokerLoco with a thousand percent bonus.

There is no doubt that you can make a lot of money playing for poker bonuses but you have to go about it the right way. The usual way is of course to keep playing a lot at a poker room with big repetitive bonuses but the ones that really benefit from the bonus system are the guys that go through all the rooms. By getting the maximimum first deposit bonuses on all the poker rooms and playing really tight until they have raked enough they are able to cash out the maximal bonuses from all the poker rooms. This is a sort of parasitic approach to the bonus system and it has made a lot of poker rooms change their systems a bit. Bonuses used to be paid even without any deposit earlier, they used to be paid out with less rake and a lot of people took advantage of this.

There is still a possibility to do the bonus thing and race through all the poker rooms hoarding bonuses and player points. It’s not as it used to be a couple of years ago but you can still make a decent living from it if you’re a student or if you just have nothing to do at night.

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