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Poker Strategy that works for idiots

Sunday, April 20th, 2008

Are you a rotten player? Don’t ever manage to win a tournament? Played all the freerolls and every sit and go and still not a single victory? We’ve got a strategy for you.


Finding a good poker strategy is hard work and takes long time. You need to get yourself tuned with the game and adapt the strategies you read about to your own personal way. Copying good players might be a good way, but it will take a lot of time. You need to get their strategy to match your style to get it to work, and you need to play lots and lots of hands.


We’ve got a strategy that works with brute force instead of skill, you hardly need any practice and it’s actually decent. It’s not a good strategy but it can be good enough, at the beginner tables at least. It’s actually a strategy from a very crude No Limit Texas Hold’em Bot. It was never a very good bot but it didn’t loose too much money, meaning that it could play for the first deposit bonuses. How did it work then?


It’s pretty easy but works only sit and go’s, maybe in freerolls as well as you don’t have anything to lose. The important thing here is that it works worse the bigger the tournament. Another important thing is that if you happen to run in to a good or at least above average player, it’s not the best of poker strategies. Play on the small buy in sit and go’s on a poker site with lots of fish. As soon as you get a decent hand, go All in. Keep it up, every time you get a decent hand, go All in. Don’t stop and try to play smart, just go All in, every time a hand shows up. You’ll look like a moron, people will say you you play like an idiot and that you don’t have any skills. They’ll tell you that you just got lucky every time you win a hand. All those are true, you are playing like a moron and you get lucky every time you win a hand.


This is actually a decent strategy because you force the play. You make it more about luck than about skill because there is no way to kick you out of the hand by raising. There is no way to bluff because if you have a good hand you’ll go all in, no matter the pot or the previous bets. There is no way for the limpers to see a flop because they need a hand they are prepared to go all in with f they are playing against you. You are playing like a moron but like a very calculated moron. True, this strategy will not win every sit and go for you but tell me the poker players that win every sit and go. It should win more like every fourth or every third if you are a bit lucky, it’s actually a working sit and go strategy.


What starting hands should you play then? You should play all pairs that are at least better than sevens. You should play Ace with almost any kicker. You should play Jack-Ten and better. You can of course play this a bit tighter but this should be a valid poker strategy for idiots. Give it a try.     


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