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Poker Tools Top 5

Thursday, March 19th, 2009

You have of course spent a lot of time wondering what poker tools are best. To get your mind at ease we decided to list the best poker tools of all kinds.

  1. Poker Office,  when it comes to keeping track of your opponents and your own game you need a statistics tool. Poker Office is the absolute number one in this business and will give you all the information you can possibly think of on direct overlay in your poker client. They have just launched their latest version and you can read our article about it in Poker Office 5.
  2. Pokerscout, Pokerscout is the leading tool for keeping track of the poker rooms and the different networks. You can see what pros are playing at the moment and how many real money players there are in a specific network.
  3. SharkScope, have you ever dreamt of the possibility to look up your opponents, maybe there is someone that keeps beating you in the sit’n’go every single time and you want to see what he really is. On SharkScope you can get statistics on every single player in SnG’s on a lot of networks.
  4. Poker Manager, Poker Manager is a really neat little poker tool. What it does is that it handles your game with all the biggest networks. It keeps track of all the games and you can chose whatever you want instead of having to log in and search one room at the time. Poker Manager even comes with a built in instant messenger so you can keep in touch with your poker buddies.
  5. Poker Academy Pro, with Poker Academy Pro you can improve your poker playing skills in a simulated enviroment. Play with highly complex bots and learn how to improve your game.

Here are the Poker Office Poker Tools if you are interested in trying. You can get a free trial or download the full version for free if you use one of their partner deals.

Jörgen Sandahl, PokerOffice CEO

Tuesday, February 12th, 2008

PokerOffice is the leading poker software when it comes to instant statistics and data presented as you play. The award winning software is constantly being improved and we got to meet the CEO. Jörgen Sandahl is the new CEO of PokerOffice and just moved to Malta.


Jörgen Sandahl started playing poker during his years at uni, he has a master degree in science engineering, industrial economics. It all started when he and a friend started to do the whole casino bonus thing, playing the casino rooms just to cash out the bonus. The friend is someone you might recognize, he is now a pretty well known poker player named Bo Sehlstedt. When they had finished almost all the casinos for bonuses Bo started looking at poker. A few poker strategy books later he convinced Jörgen to move to poker too and in just a year Jörgen felt confident enough to start playing professionally.


After a year and a half as an online pro Jörgen got sick of it. The online poker pro doesn’t live a very social life, it’s quite lonely playing poker all night at home. Another feeling that started to show up was that he didn’t want to waste his education and a job at Ongame (Bwin today) was a natural step. At Ongame he worked with several of the big brands as Bwinpoker, Europoker and Pokerroom with business development and leading projects. Jörgen liked the job a lot but after two years PokerOffice contacted him.


PokerOffice was exciting, it’s still in the poker business but not an actual gaming company. That it was a smaller company was also a positive thing, it gets more interesting when things can change a bit quicker. The placement in Malta was of course something that had to be considered but it was not only negative. Comparing the weather in January with the Swedish weather Jörgen is used to makes the advantages obvious.

When I ask Jörgen what PokerOffice really is his answer is that it’s a world leading software for players that want a better picture of theirs and other players game. This both in real time and after the game using PokerOffice as an analytics tool. If you compare it to the competitors it’s also easy to use and it doesn’t take a windows programmer to set up. PokerOffice both offers the depth demanded by the more advanced players and a good support for the beginners. Even though PokerOffice offers lots and lots of statistics you can choose to use the parts that make you a better player, like pot odds on overlay when you play and information directly on the table of how your opponents play their hands. A good way for a beginner to become a stronger player is to let the use of PokerOffice grow as the poker skills get sharper.


What PokerOffice actually does is just putting structure to and presenting the information that the pokerrooms make available. The advantage is that compared to a human, PokerOffice can keep track of quite a lot of information, there are thousands of variables to keep track of and getting them presented in a good way as you play really makes a difference. The benefits of being able to use all this information can make you a top notch player.


Just as in any other software business it is important to keep developing the product, says Jörgen, and PokerOffice is always being improved. During the spring and summer there will be a number of large improvements, many of them after ideas and suggestions from the PokerOffice users giving voice to their opinions in the forum. One of the news is the support for more languages.


The PokerOffice story started when two students on the Swedish Royal Institute of Science decided to realize their idea. The idea turned in to a real business and in 2006-2007 the company was restructured and the business moved to Malta. The sales and support departments was expanded and rebuilt and 2008 looks like it’s going to be a very good year for PokerOffice. The poker industry has been showing a big interest for the product and if you look at it as a service the timing is perfect. As affiliate to pokerrooms PokerOffice can offer more value to the partners and clients because of the nature of the product. The players coming to the poker sites from PokerOffice are better players than the average. Just compare the statistics, about 40% of the PokerOffice players are winning players compared to about 5 or 10 % when it comes to the general player.



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