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Ongame Networks unfair Rakeback Policy

Tuesday, August 26th, 2008

The poker network Ongame Network use the selling point “Rakeback free enviroment“as an important argument towards new poker operators to choose Ongame Network as a supplier of their poker software. Ongame Network has over the last year enforced harsh punishments for poker rooms in their network that do not obey by their rakeback-rules and continue to offer rakeback deals directly to players or through affiliates.We believe that rakeback can be both good and bad for a poker room or network. One of the primary reasons used for implementing a “no rakeback policy” is because rakeback has a tendency to move players within a network from the poker rooms that do a lot of advertising to the ones offering the best rakeback-deals. Rakeback-rooms steal high-value players from the poker rooms that actually get new players to the network. Getting new players to a poker network is very important to keep a good liquidity of players and ultimately the survival of the poker network. In most networks it is the bigger poker rooms that do all the advertising and some smaller ones that offer rakeback. The situation in Ongame Network is funnily the opposite.Despite Ongame Network’s “no rakeback policy”, Betsson (one of the biggest poker rooms in the Ongame Network) are continuing to offer rakeback through several of their affiliates. Even though Ongame are strict with the other poker rooms, Betsson is for some reason allowed to roam free as the single poker room offering Rakeback in the network.  (more…)


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