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French Casinos are Affected by Anti-tobacco Decret

Wednesday, March 5th, 2008

After the controversial smoking ban law was put into effect this year, Enghien-les-Bains, the first french casino, shows a serious fall of its sales turnover since the beginning of the year. Its financial loss represents already 1,5 million euros.

In order to restitue it’s revenue, the casino issued a complaint to the Higher Comission of Gaming in order to get new tables of Hold’em poker and slot machines.

Smoking and playing Poker

Concerning the question of tobacco near the players, some see this application like a relief. Nevertheless, the legislatioin is very unpopular among players, and the majority disaproves this law. Apparently, tobacco brings a better stimulation to the play and even, some players claim, it helps them stay awake. Dissatisfaction regarding the ban are numerous and increasing.

A woman even suggests installing machines under the open air. Another player explains how this ban has made him enjoy much more the online action at his favorite online poker site-

Due to this restrictioin, more and more casinos in France are being emptied. Would this be their end and a new era for online poker ?

We leave it up to you to answer…


Guest Columnist – Francois Samuel

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