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Want to become a Porno Star?

Sunday, December 7th, 2008

What kind of tournaments have you seen in world of online poker?

In championships of poker the majority of participants are there to show their level of skill in the game. The best way to do that is joining a league, where you will find other good players who also want to show their skills and competitive instincts. Last but not least, in the end of all this you have the enormous prizes.

Championships are fun, emotional and make you want to prove that you are the best among all other competitors that are there and the odds are always an attraction for those who play and those attending the events.

There are championships every week so whether you are an amateur or a professional there is always somewhere to play.

But what to do when that is not interesting anymore and when you actually goal is to become a porn actor? The Swank Poker joined the industry of online sex and if you are 18 years or older this might be something for you. The promotions include supply of condoms for a year, international trips to brothels, erotic videos or what about a whole day with an escort girl? The imagination of Swank Poker is definitely not lacking.

The site has created a league that its members take very seriously. The championship gives the winner the chance to be a part of an adult film and guess what – it is a success!

The advantage in this promotion for those players more timid is that the site gives the option of doing the filming of the sex scenes using a mask which helps even more to promote the championship.

The poker is increasingly being associated with sex. The Strip Poker is a fever among many players of poker and is now available on the internet and electronic games for curious.

But who would have said that a site for online poker could have as much success as putting a championship together rewarding you with a place in a adult movie as the main prize?

Well, I bet you have seen nothing yet – what’s next?


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