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A Poker Affiliate is someone that owns a website and send traffic and customers to poker sites. As the market looks today the affiliates actually get most of the money from this deal. It's true most of the money from a poker player ends in the pocket of a site owner that doesn't even have a poker room.

How does the Poker Affiliate thing work?

A poker player is worth a lot of money and the competition between the poker sites are massive, they are competing to the point that they will pay lots and lots of money for visitors and customers. As a webmaster you can have the advantage here, most webmasters have at least some traffic to their sites. By setting up a poker affiliate account you can convert that traffic to money. What you do is that you get a deal with a pokerroom and start sending them traffic and they'll pay you good. A standard Poker affiliate deal usually means at least $100 per paying customer at the poker site. Lots of poker sites offer revenue share which gives you a large chunk of all the money the poker site makes.

How do you get a poker affiliate deal?

There are several ways of going about to get an affiliate deal. The best is getting a poker site of your own. It can be specialaized for driving traffic to poker sites or an information site just like this. If you have a poker site and you have started getting some traffic then you will get offers from the poker rooms. It's true they actually have people working full time with looking for people like you because they need you badly. Another way to handle it is to contact a poker affiliate network such as Gambling Affiliation, they already have deals with all the major poker sites and they can hook you up with some really good deals.

When do you start making money as a poker affiliate?

As soon as you have a deal with a poker room or a poker affiliate network you will start making money. The only thing you need to worry about now is to send lots and good traffic to the poker room. The more money the poker room makes from your visitors the more money you make on your affiliate site. Make sure to be clear about the offer to your visitors. The reason for this is that visitors that feel tricked to visit a site will leave it pretty quickly and you don't make money in the long run if your visitors aren't good. One of the best tricks for sending good visitors is being perfectly clear about the offer. Most of the poker sites have good offers and they will attract visitors without any tricks.

Good luck with your affiliate career

So what are you waiting for, rush of and set up an affiliate account. If you need a pointe where to start Pokerlocos Poker Affiliate program is pretty sweet. I like it because of their extremly big bonuses, it has a tendency to make visitors convert into money pretty easily. If you want the easiest way to find lots of affiliate programs sign up for Gambling Affiliations Gambling Affiliate Program.


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