Gus Hansen

Gus Hansen is the Danish tennis player that turned poker pro’. He is famous, not only for his terrific game, but for being one of the most popular bachelors in the world of poker.

Many know him under the nickname “The Great Dane”. When getting into card games he first played backgammon for several years. In time he got so good at this that pretty much no one could beat him, so he started playing poker instead. He claims that he has found good use for the techniques that he learned while playing backgammon and his sharp sense for math has come in handy as well. In general, he bluffs, plays and bets aggressively, which is one of the reasons to why his name is so well-known among poker players.

He is considered one of the “Bad Boys” of poker, since he lives rather wild and surrounds himself with plenty of beautiful women. Even though living in Monaco he naturally spends a lot of his time in Las Vegas, where he stays at the Bellagio and lives the true life of a poker pro. But he admits to missing Denmark a lot, and wasn’t it for the glamorous life in more southern parts of the world, then maybe he would return there.


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