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When searching for online poker strategy online it can be time-consuming finding the best articles or guides to improve your poker play. Poker strategy may have one of the most important roles of online poker today, if you want to build up your bankroll and beat the fishes. Unlike the fishes you will have to set a standard, learn how to calculate pot/hand odds and to play in position among many other things. These things are so important today when playing online that there are thousands of articles around the net and it can be a mess finding reliable guides that will actually help you if you want to learn how to play poker .


Blogs usually are very relevant when searching for poker strategy, look for either popular poker blogs or famous poker celebrity blogs. They often write about their hand history and analyze what they might be able to have done better in that hand or hands that they are really satisfied with playing. These blogs are of great help when you want to learn something new, because you learn how to think like a pro and if you get in a similar position then you know what to do and not to do. The blogs can also be a source of fun stories from tournaments or big events from the players view.


Most dedicated sites have a more focus on general poker strategyand mathematical odds. They might even have some writing new articles on a regular basis and they can be of good quality, another good source of quality poker strategy.

Poker magazines

Poker Magazines are very similar to most blogs and sites and are considered to have the best quality articles and contains elements of all the things you have to know about poker strategy. Often magazines have professional poker players writing articles or good journalists who are dedicated to providing quality articles. Many scientific articles about poker mathematics can be found in the magazines that will guarantee to either enlighten you or leave a mess in your brain.

Poker Books

Books may be an old and outdated source of information but still the books quality content is not to disregard. The fact that the biggest players like Doyle Brunsson or Gus Hansen have written their own books about poker strategy says many things. The book Super/System by Doyle Brunsson is considered to the book that has had the most influence over the poker scene and is sometimes called the “Poker Bible”.


This not may the best way to better your poker play, these games are said the be rigged just for the sake of bringing more viewers to the show. Though it can be very amusing watching these late night poker shows and you can learn a thing or two about poker strategy in live games, because it’s very different the world of online poker.

Also check out this site about poker strategy in Swedish, if you’re Swedish.

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