The complete online gaming dictionary

Phrase or word Context Meaning
1337 Games Leet, from Elite, used to describe the written language of gamers
A crutch and a duck Bingo Bingo call for number 72.
A flea in heaven Bingo Bingo call for number 37.
ABT Backgammon Stands for American Backgammon Tour, major annual competition
Accept a double Backgammon Agreeing to continue a game at twice the original stakes.
Ace Backgammon Number one on a dice
Ace-point Backgammon One point on the board.
Acey-deucey Backgammon Variant of Backgammon introduced by the Navy where rolls of 1 and 2 give extra turns.
Action Backgammon Refers to money games.
Action Card Poker a card that, on reveal, causes significant betting action, usually helping two or more players.
Active builder Backgammon A chequer in position to help make another point in subsequent rolls.
Add-on Poker the purchase of more chips before you have busted in a live game.
Advertising Poker showing your hand or making an obvious play to falsify an impression of your style to your opponents.
AFK Games Away From Keyboard
Aggro Games State of a monster coming from the word aggressive or the amount of aggression a player has attracted from a monster
AI Games Artificial Intellegence, the program controlling all non human avatars
Air Poker having nothing in your hand or getting nothing i.e. catching air on the river
All but one Bingo Bingo call for number 89.
All or nothing Keno A Keno term used to describe a ticket which only gets paid if all picked numbers come up or none of the numbers do.
All the eights Bingo Bingo call for number 88.
All the feathers Bingo Bingo call for number 33.
All the fives Bingo Bingo call for number 55.
All the fours Bingo Bingo call for number 44.
All the sevens Bingo Bingo call for number 77.
All the sixes Bingo Bingo call for number 66.
All the threes Bingo Bingo call for number 33.
All the twos Bingo Bingo call for number 22.
All-In Poker putting all your remaining chips into your bet.
Anchor Backgammon Two or more chequers on a point in your opponents home board (points 1-6).
Angle/Angle Shooter Poker a style of play/player who miscalls their hand or is erratic with betting to confuse opponents as to their next action.
Ante Poker Where no blind is used, the Ante is how money gets put into the pot at the start of the hand. It is a very low percentage of each players initial bet.
Anti-alias Games The smoothing effect on graphics used to eliminate the pixelated, stepped look of in-game objects.
Anti-Joker Backgammon Extremely poor roll. The opposite of a joker.
AoC Games Age of Conan, online game based on the stories of Conan
Argumentative number Bingo Bingo call for number 67.
Arm Casino A Craps player who is so skilled at dice throwing that they defy the conventional odds of the game.
Army Backgammon All your chequers in play which are blocking and attacking then return home safely.
Around the corner Backgammon A move from your outer board (points 7-12) to your opponents outer board.
Ask for more Bingo Bingo call for number 34.
At the beginning Bingo Bingo call for number 1.
Attack Zone Backgammon Points 1-11 on your side of the board.
Automatic doubles Backgammon Optional rule stating that if both players roll th esame number on the first roll of the game, the stakes are doubled.
Avatar Games The 3D Image that represents a player (or mobile)
Baccarat Casino A popular table game involving 6 or 8 decks of cards and little skill to succeed.
Back game Backgammon A lagging player that has two or more anchors in the opponent's home board
Back Man Backgammon A player's rear-most chequer - usually in the opponents home board or on the bar.
Backdoor Poker A hand that emerged that was different to the players intended hand i.e. going for a flush but trips come up
Backgammon Backgammon Game with 24 points (triangles) on a board, 12 each side for 2 players. Aim is to roll the dice to move chequers home and off the board while preventing your opponent doing the same thing.
Backgammon board Backgammon Made up of 24 thin triangles (points) alternating in colour. Players have 12 points each and the board is split into 4 quadrants consisting of each players inner board (points 1-6 on your side) and outer board (points 7-12 on your side). The inner and outer board are divided by the 'bar', the wooden ridge on which chequers are placed if they've been hit.
Backraise Poker A re-raise from a player who already called in the same betting round
Backtrack Roulette Stationary outer rim of the roulette wheel where the ball is spun.
bad beat Poker A losing hand that was favourite to win to another hand that had very small odds to win
Baffle box Backgammon Used to roll the dice properly.
Bakelite Backgammon The original plastic material used in the 1920's to make backgammon pieces. Still preferred today.
Baker's dozen Bingo Bingo call for number 13.
Bakers run Bingo Bingo call for number 61.
Ball gate Bingo The releasing flap in the ball dispensing machine.
Ball runway Bingo Channel the ball is launched up by the ball shooter to enter the main playfield area.
Banana split Backgammon A risky move of leaving a chequer unguarded in order to make a hit on your opponent.
Bang on the drum Bingo Bingo call for number 71.
Bank Poker Also called the house, the person responsible for distributing chips, buy-ins, and paying the winners.
Bankroll Poker The amount of money that a player has to wager for the duration of his or her career.
Bar Backgammon The wooden ridge in the centre of the board dividing inner and outer boards. Chequers are put on the bar once hit.
Barabino Backgammon Named after Rick Barabino, a backgammon expert. A roll of 5-4 from the bar used to make an anchor (two or more chequers on a point) on the opponents 5-point i.e. In their home board.
Bar-point Backgammon A players 7-point on the board as it is right next to the bar.
Basic strategy Casino The set of plays required for an advantage.
Basket bingo Bingo Where 'basket' prizes are awarded.
Battle of primes Backgammon Where both players have chequers stuck behind 6 amade points in a row (i.e. Anchors or blocks)
Bear in Backgammon To move a chequer into your home board before rolling it off the board.
Bear off Backgammon The last stage of the game where chequers have made it home so are removed from the board according to the roll of the dice.
Beaver Backgammon An inmmediate re-double of the stakes by a player who just accepted a double.
Bed and breakfast Bingo Bingo call for number 26 - traditionally B&B was two shillings and sixpence i.e. 2 and 6.
Behind in court Backgammon The losing player who has more 'pips' or moves left that are necessary to get all chequers in their home board.
Berry Patch Poker A game where there are a lot of unskilled players
Bertha Backgammon A bad play where you roll 6-5 from the opponents 1-point to your mid point without realising your opponent is blocking your way by making their bar-point (7-point)
Beta Games A test stage before the game is officially released, for testing (beta-testing)
Between the sticks Bingo Bingo call for number 86.
BFG Games Big Fucking Gun
Biased wheel Roulette An imperfection in a roulette wheel that makes certain numbers come up more often that probability allows for.
BIBA Backgammon British Isles Backgammon Association
Big bet game Poker A game played with a no limit betting structure.
Big blind Poker Blinds are forced bets to keep money in the pot in poker. The big blind is the larger of two blinds.
Big play Backgammon Aggressive play employed when more conservative play is available.
Big Slick Poker A colloquial term for Ace/King hand (suited or not).
Bind Games To tag an item or spell to a certain character. Or to defina a macro or function for a specific key on the keyboard
Bingo board Bingo Electronic display board showing numbers drawn.
Bingo card Bingo Card with 24 numbered spaces plus 1 free (up to number 75) space set in columns for marking off as numbers are called.
Bingo marker Bingo The dauber used to mark off your numbers.
Black action Roulette A bet made with a black $100 chip.
Blackout Bingo Where the whole bingo card must be covered to win.
Blacks Roulette Chips of $100
Blaze Poker A non-standard hand of five face cards that outranks a flush.
Bleed Poker Constantly losing chips through bad play
Blind 50 Bingo Bingo call for number 50.
Blind 60 Bingo Bingo call for number 60.
Blind 70 Bingo Bingo call for number 70.
Blind 80 Bingo Bingo call for number 80.
Blind 90 Bingo Bingo call for number 90.
Blind stud Poker A different version of the stud poker game in which all cards are dealt face down.
Blind thirty Bingo Bingo call for number 30.
Blind twenty Bingo Bingo call for number 20.
Blistering Poker A cheat’s strategy of marking cards with their fingernail.
Blitz Backgammon All-out attack on your opponent, wiping out any lone chequers thay have in your home board.
Block Backgammon A point with two or more chequers deliberately used to block your opponents play.
Blockade Backgammon A row of blocks which trap your opponents runners (chequers still in your home board).
Blocking Backgammon Backgammon Variation of Backgammon where one chequer controls a point instead of two.
Blocking bet Poker An oddly small bet made by a player out of position intended to block a larger bet by an opponent.
Blocking game Backgammon Strategy of building blockades as opposed to attacking.
Blot Backgammon A single chequer which is sitting alone on a point and vulnerable to being hit.
Blot-hitting contest Backgammon Hitting each others blots while leaving your own vunerable in order to gain a key point i.e. creating a prime (blockade of 6 in a row)
Boat Poker Also known as a full house
Bold play Backgammon Leaving lone chequers (blots) open for attack from your opponent.
Boomstick Games A gun.
Borked Games Not functioning properly
Boss Games An enemy in the end of the game or at the end of a stage in the game, often used to describe lesser quality games
Bot Games Robot, used for cheating in online games
Both ways Poker Both halves of a split pot
Bottle Betting Tic tac term for 2/1.
Bottom Pair Poker Pair made when the lowest card comes through on the flop i.e. you have King/Four and Four comes up.
Bottom track Roulette Stationary slanted inner area of the wheel where the ball slides before landing on the numbers.
Bounty Poker An additional cash reward, separate from the tournament pay out, given for each player you eliminate in the game.
Boxcars Backgammon Double 6 on the dice roll, also known as 'The Boys'.
Break Backgammon Used to describe breaking a prime (blockade of 6 in a row), break a point etc
Break a point Backgammon Removing a chequer from a point to leave a lone chequer and open point for your opponent.
Break a prime Backgammon Opening a point/s in your blockade of 6 points.
Break contact Backgammon Moving past the oppponent's last chequer so no more hitting or blocking is possible - simply a race home.
Brick Poker Otherwise known as a blank; a card that doesn’t help another players hand or complete their draws.
Brick & Mortar Casino A "real" casino building with tables, dealers, etc, not an online room.
Bricked Games A device that no longer works - 'It's bricked!'.
Bridge order Poker Bridge suit rank rules: Spades beat hearts beat diamonds beat clubs.
Brighton line Bingo Bingo call for number 59 (London to Brighton bus service was the number 59).
Broadway Poker A 10 through ace straight.
Brush Poker Casino employee who manages the poker room i.e. player list, brushing the table, announcing open seats etc.
Bubble Poker Any situation close to the payout positions in a tournament i.e. if you go out on the bubble you finished in the last position before entering the payout structure.
Buckle my shoe Bingo Bingo call for number 32.
Buff Games A positive spell
Buffed Games Someone affected by all available (or several) positive spells
Bug Poker A form of wild card – usually the jokers added to the deck to represent pre-agreed cards.
Builder Backgammon Moving a chequer into your outer board that gives you the opportunity to make a prime (blockade) across the next 6 points.
Bulls eye Bingo Bingo call for number 50.
Bully Poker A player who consistently raises to force out more timid players
Bump Backgammon Hit/remove a chequer.
Bump and run Backgammon Hit a chequer and move passed it.
Burlington Bertie Bingo Bingo call for number 30.
Burn Poker To discard the top card from the deck, face down before each dealt hand to prevent cheating.
Bust Casino Going over 21 in a game of Black Jack.
Button Poker Generally indicated dealer position at the table. Also referred to as ‘buck’ or ‘hat’.
Button mashing Games Randomly hitting buttons on the controller without knowing what you're doing.
Button up Backgammon To secure a blot (lone chequer) by teaming it with another chequer.
Buy short Poker Buying into a game for less than the normal buy-in price. Only allowed if other players accept or you lost a full buy-in previously.
Buy the pot Poker Betting when no-one else is betting to force them out of the game so you win the value of the blinds.
Buy-in Poker The minimum amount of chips you have to buy to take part in a game.
BYOB Backgammon Bring your own board.
Cage Roulette Room where casino cashier sits.
Call Poker Matching a bet, calling a stake laid by another player.
Call the clock Poker Time period by which a player has to act. If someone is taking a long time, opponents or the dealer can call the clock to speed up play.
Calling Station Poker A player who calls often, but doesn't raise or fold much. Generally a weak-passive player.
Camper Games Someone staying in one position that gives an advantage
Cancellation Betting System Roulette Betting system that cancels numbers after a win and adds number after a loss.
Candlesticks Backgammon Where a player's chequers are stacked on a single point i.e. 5/6 chequers all on the same point.
Candy store Bingo Bingo call for number 74.
Cap Poker The limit on the number of raises allowed in one round of betting – generally the maximum is four.
Capping a bet Roulette Illegally adding more chips to a bet that has just won.
Card counting Casino Someone who is able to keep track of all cards played since the shuffle for strategic advantage in play.
Card sharp Casino Person who is expert at card play.
Cards speak Poker The player’s verbal declaration of what’s in their hand may not match the actual hand. The card’s speak for themselves in this instance.
Carpet Betting Tic tac term for 3/1.
Case card Poker The only remaining rank card in the deck i.e. the last Ace in the pack.
Cash plays Poker Player betting currency at the table in lieu of more chips
Casino advantage Casino Refers to the edge the house has over the players of a game.
Catch Keno When your number is drawn.
Catch perfect Poker Catching the only two cards that can complete a hand and win the pot, generally ones that lead to a straight flush.
Catchers Backgammon Deliberately spread out chequers designed to hit your opponent's chequer should they try to escape.
Center pot Poker The main pot in a table stakes game where one or more players are all in.
CH Bingo Stands for Chat Hosts in online bingo
Chamelon strategy Roulette Following players on winning streaks and copying their betting actions.
Chase Poker To carry on playing a poor hand because you’ve put money in the pot.
Chasing losses Roulette Betting big to recoup losses already made.
Check Poker To pass on betting. Also another word for a poker chip.
Check-raise Poker Strategic play where a player checks early to incite play from an opponent, then raises in the same round.
Chip dumping Poker Collusion where early all-in actions are made by two or more players in a tournament. The winning player will split the winnings between all colluders.
Chip leader Poker The player with the most amount of chips in the tournament at any said point.
Choo choo Thomas Bingo Bingo call for number 58.
Chop Poker To split a pot because of a tie, split-pot game, or player agreement.
Choppy game Roulette Where player nor casino win very often.
Chouette Backgammon A variation of backgammon that includes three or more players; one player (the box) plays against a team led by a captain.
Christmas cake Bingo Bingo call for number 38.
Cinque-Point Backgammon The 5-point.
Claim a game Backgammon Offering a double stake which you believe will be refused so you can collect the value of the cube (pot).
Clan Games Group of players connected by the games interface
Clean the floor Bingo Bingo call for number 54.
Clickety click Bingo Bingo call for number 66.
Closed board Backgammon When all 6 points in a player's home board are blocked.
Coat-tail Casino Bet the same numbers as someone who is winning.
Coffee housing Poker Verbally misleading an opponent about the strength of a hand i.e. a player might feign uncertainty when they have two aces.
Cold Casino Slot machine that isn't paying out or player on a losing streak.
Cold call Poker To call an amount that represents a sum of bets or raises by more than one player.
Cold deck Poker A new deck switched into the game that has been stacked to favour a cheating player.
Collusion Poker Cheating by more than one player working together to affect the outcome of the game.
Color change, color up Poker Exchanging small-denomination chips for larger ones.
Column bet Roulette Betting on one of the columns of 12 numbers on the table layout.
Combo game Poker A casino table at which multiple forms of poker are played in rotation.
Comfort station Backgammon Mid-point where you have 5 chequers on your opponent's 12 point.
Coming of age Bingo Bingo call for number 18.
Committed position Backgammon Where there is only one game play that can win.
Communicate Backgammon To keep chequers 6 moves (pips) from each other for support.
Community Card Poker Poker Poker games that use ‘window’ or ‘shared’ cards that are dealt face up and used communally by all players in conjunction with their private hands.
Comp Roulette Free stuff given to people betting large amounts.
Compact position Backgammon Where you have several made points in close succession with few gaps.
Complete Hand Poker A hand defined by all five cards -- a straight, flush, full house, four of a kind, or straight flush.
Connectors Poker Two or more cards of consecutive rank.
Continuation bet Poker A bet made after the flop by the player who took the lead in betting before
Co-Op Games Cooperative game where benefits come from cooperation between players
Copper Bingo Bingo call for number 49.
Corner bet Roulette A bet that 4 numbers in a segment of the table layout will win.
Counterfeit Poker A card that makes your hand worse e.g you could have made a pair of 8s on the flop but a pair of Queens come up which your opponents now have too, reducing the odds of winning.
Cow Poker If two players are sharing a buy-in, each player will be known as a cow. ‘Going cow’ is making this arrangement.
Crack Poker To beat a big hand.
Crapping out Casino Rolling a 2,3 or 12 on the first roll.
Craps Casino Dice table game.
Crawford Game Backgammon First game in a match after either player gets within one point of winning.
Credit line Casino Amount of credit a player is allowed by that casino.
Creep Games Warcraft term meaning monsters.
Cripple Poker Generally ending play by having an unbeatable hand that forces all other players to fold.
Crossover Backgammon When a chequer crosses to the adjacent quadrant.
Crossover count Backgammon Number of chequers that need to crossover to get home and off the board.
Crossroader Casino A casino cheat.
Croupier Roulette Wheel operator.
Crutch and a flea Bingo Bingo call for number 73.
Crying call Poker Calling even though you think you will lose
CS Games Counterstrike, a first person shooter
Cube play Backgammon Offering, accepting and refusing doubles (on the doubling cube in the centre of the board).
Cup of tea Bingo Bingo call for number 3.
Current stake Backgammon The initial stake multiplied by the value shown on the doubling cube.
Cut card Poker A coloured plastic card used to cut the deck and remain under the bottom card so players cannot see what it is.
d'Alembert betting system Casino Where you bet is increased by one unit after a loss and decreased by a unit after a win.
Dance Backgammon Throwing numbers which fail to enter a chequer from the bar (you must throw the number required to reach an open point).
Dancing queen Bingo Bingo call for number 17.
Danny La Rue Bingo Bingo call for number 52.
Dark Poker An action taken before the player has the information they would normally have to take an action.
DD Games Damage Dealer, character that has specialized in dealing damage in combat
Dead blind Poker A player posting a dead blind cannot raise if all other players call.
Dead hand Poker An illegal hand that cannot be played i.e. it contains too many cards, or the player fouled in some way.
Dead man Backgammon Chequer that is deep in the player's home board where it serves no purpose.
Dead man's hand Poker Aces and eights in a two-pair hand.
Dead money Poker Cash in the pot that is not equivalent to the bets and calls by active players in the pot. The term has morphed to be used to describe the stakes of weak players who are unlikely to win their money back.
Dead table Casino Table ready for action but with no players.
Deadwood Poker All the discarded/previously dealt cards in a deck. Also known as the muck.
Deal me in Poker Player request to the dealer to be included in the next hand.
Deal me out Poker Player term for notifying the dealer they will be absent from the game
Dealer's choice Poker The dealer can dictate which poker game will be played at each hand.
Decloak Poker Like check-raising, this is another term for raising after a period of slowplay.
Deep Backgammon Low numbered point.
Deep anchor Backgammon Anchor/point made on the opponent's 1/2-point
Derniere Roulette Last group of 12 numbers in the Dozen Bet
Deuce Poker a 2-spot card or any reference to the number two in poker i.e. $2 stake
Devil's number Bingo Bingo call for number 13.
Dice mechanic Backgammon A player who is skillful enough to control the dice on the roll i.e. Cheating craftily
Dilly builder Backgammon A chequer which only bears on points deep in the player's home board.
Dime bet Casino A big $1000 wager.
Ding Games The (imaginary) sound made when reaching the next level.
Direct hit Backgammon Hitting a chequer by using the number on only one of the dice.
Dirty Gertie Bingo Bingo call for number 30.
Dirty knees Bingo Bingo call for number 33.
Dirty stack Poker Where a stack of chips contains some rogue chips of different denominations either for cheating or through carelessness of the dealer.
DMP Backgammon Double Match Point: where both players only need one point to win.
Doctor's orders Bingo Bingo call for number 9 - originating from WW II where the pill Number 9 was a laxative.
Dog Poker The underdog
Dolly Parton Poker A straight 5 through 9, as in ‘working nine to five...’
Donation Poker A deliberate call made by a bored or frivolous player who expects to lose.
Door card Poker The first visible card on the flop in a game of Hold’em
DOT Games Damage Over Time
Double carpet Betting 33/1 odds.
Double Down Casino Blackjack player's chance to double their bet by receiving only one more card.
Double ducks Backgammon Rolling 2-2 on the dice.
Double gutter/double belly buster Poker Games of 6 cards or more where a draw to the straight can be made by two ranks where it is not open-ended eg. K-J-10-9-7 which could become a straight with a Q or 8.
Double raise Poker The minimum raise in a no-limit or pot-limit game, raising only by the amount of the current bet.
Double up, double through Poker To double your stack by going all-in and winning against an opponent with the same or more chips than you.
Double-ace flush Poker a flush where wild cards play as aces, even if an ace is already present. Not used in standard poker rules.
Doubling Cube Backgammon Cube controlling the stakes of the game. Like a dice but with numbers 2,4,8,16,32,64. Cube starts in the middle on 64 which has a value of 1. You offer a double and turn it to 2. If the person accepts they become the owner of the cube and are the only ones that can offer the next double where the cube would be turned to 4 and so on.
Down and Dirty Poker The final hole card dealt in a game of 7 Card Stud
Down on your knees Bingo Bingo call for number 43.
Down to the felt/green Poker Going all-in or losing your entire stack i.e. there are no chips between you and the green felt of the table.
Downcard Poker A card that is dealt facedown – also known as a hole card.
Doyle Brunson Poker Going all-in or losing your entire stack i.e. there are no chips between you and the green felt of the table.
Dozen bet Roulette A bet on any one of the 12-sequence numbers on the layout.
DPS Games Damage Per Second
Drag light Poker The act of pulling chips away from the pot to cover a bet you don’t have the money to otherwise place. If you win, the debt is ignored. If you lose you must cover the amount in cash. No casinos play this home-game rule.
Draw Poker A type of poker game.
Drawing dead Poker Drawing to a hand that will lose even if you hit your draw e.g. if you have a flush draw but your opponent already has a full house, you are drawing dead.
Drawing live Poker Drawing to a hand that will win if successful.
Drawing thin Poker Chasing a draw even if your odds are poor.
Drift Betting When the price of a selection gets bigger.
Droopy drawers Bingo Bingo call for number 44.
Drop Casino Total amount wagered at the tables.
Drop Games See Loot
Dropper Backgammon Player on Backgammon server (online) who drops a game if they think they will lose so that their rating is not affected.
Dry ace Poker An ace unaccompanied by a suited card, that has no real winning potential but offers opportunity for bluffing.
Dry pot Poker A side pot with no money created when a player goes all in and is called by more than one opponent, but not raised.
Duck and dive Bingo Bingo call for number 25.
Ducks Poker Another name for a pair of twos.
Dumping Casino A casino which is losing money to the players.
Duplicate Backgammon Backgammon Tournament where all players use the same dice rolls and compare the game outcomes.
Dutch Backgammon Backgammon Variation of Backgammon where players start with all chequers off the board.
Dutch Straight Poker Also known as a skip straight. A Draw Poker hand of 5 cards in order with a rank skipped between them i.e. 2-4-6-8-T
Eagles Poker The cards in the fifth suit of a 62 card deck
Early Bet Poker A minimal bet made after the first card in Stud/first two cards in Draw.
Early position Poker Players in a larger betting round whose turn it was to bet first.
Ear'ole Betting 6/4 odds.
Easter Egg Games Hidden feature in the game
Edge Poker The player to the dealer’s left.
Edge Odds Poker The competitive status of a player in relation to the others in the game.
Edge of prime Backgammon An open point directly before a blockade (prime).
Edge Shot Poker a bet made from a position of advantage.
Efficient double Backgammon Doubling the stake at its maximum point of effectiveness.
Eight and blank Bingo Bingo call for number 80.
Eight or better Poker In a High-low Split game, eight is the High-Low divider. Eight and below hands can win the bottom portion of the pot.
Either way up Bingo Bingo call for number 69.
EMG Equity Backgammon Equivalent-to-money-game equity.
En Plein Casino Straight-up bet.
End Bet: Poker The last bet before an interval.
End of the line Bingo Bingo call for number 90.
End Stippers Poker Cards with tapered sides, used for cheating.
EPC Backgammon Effective Pip Count: Average number of rolls required to bear off (remove) all your chequers multiplied by the average pip value of a roll.
EQ Games Equipment
EQ Games Everquest and Everquest 2, MMORPG
Equity Poker A players expected value (EV). Multiplies the pot by your probability to win to give you estimated equity in the pot.
Error rate Backgammon The measure of equity lost per move by poor play i.e. Lost winning chances etc.
Ethel's ear Bingo Bingo call for number 83.
Eureka Backgammon Simplified version of Backgammon.
Even bet Roulette Bet that an even number will win on the next spin.
Even money Roulette A bet paying off at 1-1 i.e. A bet on odds/evens
Exp Games Experience points
Extra Blind Poker A blind put in by a player entering or returning to the game, or changing position at the table.
Face Bingo The bingo card.
Face Card Poker A picture card i.e. K,Q,J
Face palm Games Slapping your forehead with your palm when you mess up.
False Cut Poker Deceptively cutting the pack so the top section is not moved to allow cheating.
Family pot Poker A hand in which the opening bet was called by every player at the table.
Famous street in Manhatten Bingo Bingo call for number 42.
Fan Backgammon To fail to re-enter from the bar following a hit, also known as flunking.
Fast Poker Playing aggressively.
Fat lady with a crutch Bingo Bingo call for number 87.
Fat lady with a duck Bingo Bingo call for number 82.
Feeder Poker A 2nd or 3rd table where the same game as the main table is being played. Players are fed from the subsidiary tables into the main game.
Fibonacci system Roulette Betting system where each bet is a combination of the previous two numbers.
Field goal Backgammon Chance to hit two chequers two spaces apart but you land in the middle of them.
Fifth street Poker The final card dealt after the flop and turn, also known as the river.
Fill, fill up Poker To successfully draw to a hand that needs one card to complete it, by getting the last card of a straight, flush, or full house.
Final table Poker The last table in a multi-table poker tournament.
Fire Poker To make the opening bet of the round.
Fish Poker inexperienced or unskilled player.
Fishhooks Poker Slang term for Jacks
Five Card Draw Poker A poker game where 5 cards are dealt face down. The player has one chance to exchange them and then the highest hand wins.
Five Card Stud Poker A poker game where one card is dealt face down and 4 face up – betting takes place after card 2,3,4 and 5.
Five dozen Bingo Bingo call for number 60.
Five of a kind Poker In a game where wild cards are used, this is an unbeatable hand of 5 cards of the same rank.
Fixed limit, flat limit Poker Where the betting amount is fixed. The player simply decides whether to bet or not.
Flash Poker Showing your hand after a win or showing the bottom card of the deck while shuffling.
Flat bettor Casino Player who never raises the bet amount, betting the same stake each time.
Flat call Poker Calling when you would be expected to raise.
Flea Casino Annoying person, and often small bettor, who wants something for nothing from the casino.
Flirty thirty Bingo Bingo call for number 30.
Float Poker Advanced bluffing play. The strategy of calling a bet with a view to bluffing a win later.
Flop Poker The first three cards in games like Omaha and Texas Hold ‘em to be dealt before the next round of bets.
Flop game Poker Any community card game
Flush Poker A hand with 5 cards all in suit
Flush Draw Poker The player has 4 suited cards and hopes to draw a fifth to make the flush
Fly shot Backgammon A long indirect shot using both dice but not many rolls/combinations.
Fold Backgammon Refuse a double.
Fold Poker Forfeit that hand and give up on the pot
Fold Equity Poker The value gained when forcing opponents to fold before the showdown
Forced Bet Poker All monies the player is required to put into the pot as part of the game rules i.e. Blinds/antes etc.
Forced play Backgammon Rolling the dice where the outcome has only one legal play.
Forced-move Poker A move made as a progression from a feeder table to the main table in a casino
Forward game Backgammon Where the strategy is to turn the game into a pure race as quickly as possible i.e. Pass all your opponents chequers.
Forward motion Poker House rule in some casinos dictating that any movement into the table with chips in hand signifies a raise or bet and must be played as such.
Fouled Hand Poker A hand that has become illegal for reasons such as wrong number of cards etc
Four and seven Bingo Bingo call for number 47.
Four corners Bingo Where the corner numbers of the card need to be covered to win.
Four dozen Bingo Bingo call for number 48.
Four flush Poker In some games four suited cards are a winning hand but mostly seen as an incomplete drawing hand in standard poker games.
Fourth Street Poker The fourth card dealt in community games, often referred to as the 'turn'
FPS Games First Person Shooter
FPS Games Frames Per Second
FPS Games First person shooter: game shows the game world from the perspective of the player.
Frag Games To frag someone in a shooting game is to kill them.
Free card Poker A bonus card dealt after a betting round in which no player opened. This card will either go to a player's hand or to the board.
Free space Bingo Acts as a wild card and adds to your pattern.
Freeroll Poker Most commonly used to describe tournaments with no entry fee.
Freeze a builder Backgammon Bringing a chequer to bear on a point held by two opposing chequers so restricting the use of those chequers as builders.
Freezeout Poker Tournament where there is only one winner remaining with all the chips.
Front a prime Backgammon Making a point directly in front of your opponent's prime (blockade).
FTL Games For the lose. An expression of apathy.
FTW Games For the win. Expression of enthusiasm.
Full bet rule Poker A house rule in some casinos stipulating the player must raise the full amount of the initial stake to constitute a raise.
Full house, Full boat, Full hand Poker Hand with three cards of the same rank and two of a second rank
Full prime Backgammon Blockade across 6 consecutive points on the board.
Gaffed wheel Roulette A roulette wheel that has been rigged for cheating.
Gain a tempo Backgammon Hit your opponent so depriving them of half a roll (one of the numbers on the dice).
Gammon Backgammon Completed game of Backgammon where the loser did not bear off any chequers.
Gammon count Backgammon Number of moves needed for a player to get all chequers home and bear off the first chequer thereby avoiding losing a gammon.
Gammon-go Backgammon Where losing a gammon has no cost but winning is particularly valuable.
Gammon-save Backgammon Where winning a gammon has no value but losing is very costly.
Gank Games Gang Kill, to attack and kille someone while totally outnumbering him.
Gap hand Poker A Texas Hold'em term for a starting hand where a gap of at least one rank separates the two cards.
Garbage Poker The muck or a worthless hand.
Garden gate Bingo Bingo call for number 8.
Gateway to heaven Bingo Bingo call for number 27.
Gaymer Games Describes a homosexual gamer.
George Casino A generous tipper.
Get up and run Bingo Bingo call for number 31.
GG Games Good Game
Ghandi's breakfast Bingo Bingo call for number 80. (Looking down on top of Ghandi sitting cross legged in front of a large empty plate).
Gib (1) Games Kill
Gib (2) Games The entrails left behind in a violent kill in a combat game.
Gimp Games A player or equipment that is not good enough. Can be used as Gimped for something that has gotten a decreased value
Gin position Backgammon The winning position
Girls Backgammon Double 5s on a dice roll; The Girls
Go out Backgammon Achieving the points needed to win a match.
God game Games Strategic game viewed from an above angle.
God's in heaven Bingo Bingo call for number 7.
Going South Poker Refers to sneaking some of your chips off the table during play. Against the rules generally.
Golden gate Bingo Bingo call for number 8.
Golden point Backgammon Your opponent's 5-point - the best place to build an anchor.
Goodbye teens Bingo Bingo call for number 19.
Gordon's den Bingo Bingo call for number 10 - originating from number 10 Downing St. The call changes with the name of the Prime Minister in power.
Grease Casino A bribe.
Greedy bearoff Backgammon On online games where the computer automatically bears off all possible chequers.
Greens Casino Chips valued at $25.
Grief Games Infraction for firing a gun at a player on the same team
Griefers Games People intentionally causing problems in an online multiplayer game. People who exploit weaknesses in games for comedic or malicious effect.
Grifter Casino Scam artist.
Grind Casino Small money player.
Grind Games Repetitive game, for example harvesting money
Grind down Casino Where the casino gradually takes all your money through its house advantage.
Grind joint Casino Casino catering for small stake bettors.
Grinder Poker A conservative player who makes enough small profit to make a living over a sustained period of time.
Guff/guffy Backgammon A player's 1-point.
Guild Games A group of players or a set of players with certain professions
Guts/Guts to open Poker Describes a game with no opening requirement other than the guts to place your bet.
Gut-shot Poker An inside straight draw - where the missing card would be in the middle of the straight.
GWC Backgammon Game winning chances.
Gypsy Poker Entering the pot cheaply by only calling the blind and not raising.
H.O.R.S.E Poker Abbreviation for a combination game featuring Texas Hold'em, Omaha Hold'em,Razz, 7-Card Stud and eight or better 7-Card Stud High-Low.
Half a century Bingo Bingo call for number 50.
Half a crown Bingo Bingo call for number 26.
Half a roll Backgammon Where only one of the two number of a roll of two dice can be used.
Half bet rule Poker In Casinos where a full bet is required, a player raising only half the initial stake will be required to increase the amount to make up the full bet.
Half-pot limit Poker Similar to pot limit in structure but allows maximum raises to be only half the total pot rather than the full amount.
Halfway house Bingo Bingo call for number 45.
Halfway there Bingo Bingo call for number 45.
Hammer Poker To bet and raise aggressively.
Handful Betting Odds of 5/1.
Handicap Backgammon Help for a weaker player to make a game more equal. Includes, free rolls, re-rolls etc
Hanger Poker A sign that the dealer is dealing from the bottom of the deck when the bottom card hangs out beyond the rest of the pack.
Hard Poker Style of play - aggressive and unforgiving. Also refers to the chips as opposed to paper money.
Hardway bingo Bingo Bingo in a straight line with no free space.
Hari-kiri (hari-kari) play Backgammon Suicide play where you deliberately expose your chequers in order to recirculate them.
Haxxor Games Hacker, someone with big skills in a game
Heads up Poker Two players competing directly against each other
Heat Casino Where the casino begins to carefully watch a player who is winning too much.
Heaven's gate Bingo Bingo call for number 78.
Heavy point Backgammon A point with three or more chequers on it.
Hedge Backgammon Side-bet, often as insurance for a losing player.
Heinz varieties Bingo Bingo call for number 57.
High bet Roulette Bet that a high number from 19-36 will come in.
High Card Poker Where no pairs are made, the highest card wins
High Hand Poker Traditionally the best type of hand in poker
High Society Poker Large denomination chips
High-low Split Poker Games in which the pot is divided between the players with the highest hand and the best lowball hand.
Hijack seat Poker The seat second right of the dealer
Hit Backgammon Moving to a point containing an opponent's lone chequer (blot) and taking it, removing it to the bar.
Hit and run Poker Also referred to as chopping a game. Playing aggressively to make a lot of money in a short space of time and then leaving.
Hit loose Backgammon Hitting a blot while leaving your own blot exposed.
Hoca Roulette Early roulette game.
Hog Poker Someone who wins all of the pot in a split game by having the best lowball hand and highest hand at the same time.
Hole Cam Poker TV Camera displaying a players hole cards.
Hole Card Poker Cards that are face down. Can also be referred to as pocket cards.
Hollywood Poker Overacting to confuse and deceive your opponents.
Hop the fence Poker Entering the pot with a cold call (the sum of all bets placed on that round of betting).
Horizon Backgammon Number of turns (plies) agreed upon in a roll-out.
Horse Poker A player who is backed financially by another player or person.
Hot table Roulette Table where many players have been winning.
House edge Casino The mathmatical edge the casino has over the player.
HPB Games High ping bastard - person with internet connection which gives a disadvantage
HUD Games Head-up display: shows charater information i.e. Lives, health etc
Hustler Casino A cheat.
Hyper Backgammon Backgammon Variation of the game where opponents only have three chequers each.
Ice Poker A cold deck (stacked deck being switched into play)
Idiot end Poker Bottom end
Immortal Poker Used to describe an unbeatable hand.
Impair Roulette Betting on odds.
Implied Odds Poker Like pot odds but assumes future bets that you can realistically expect to win
In a state Bingo Bingo call for number 28.
In the air Backgammon On the bar.
In the bushes Poker Refers to a sandbagging or slowplaying player who is watching play unfold from the sidelines before making his/her hand known.
In the middle Poker A player joining the table with multiple blinds can sometimes post a blind in the middle rather than have to wait for them to pass.
Inactive builder Backgammon A chequer currently part of a block or prime that could be used later to make a point.
Indirect hit Backgammon A hit that uses numbers from both dice together to reach it.
Inner table Backgammon Home board.
Inside bet Roulette Bet made on the numbers in the centre of the layout.
Inside Straight Poker A potential straight where the draw needs to yield a card that will fill a rank in the interior e.g. 8-9-J-Q
Instagib Games Killing with one shot
Instance Games An area in a MMORPG where several players or groups of players can play at the same time without actually meeting
Insurance Poker Business deal where players negotiate a splitting of the pot or reduction of the pot rather than playing out the cards. Also refers to side-bets made with players against ones own self to insure against a large loss.
Irish Backgammon The game thought to be Backgammon's direct ancestor.
IRL Games In Real Life
Irregular declaration Poker Actions by a player that suggest a declaration of intended play i.e. Knocking the table to signify checking to other players but not actually doing so.
Isolation Poker Aggressive play employed to drive out all players except one opponent you deem to be weak.
Jack it up Poker Raise the stakes
Jackpot Poker Typically a large sum of money collected by the house and awarded for rare occurences i.e. Bad beat jackpots
Jam Poker To open or raise the maximum permitted amount.
Janky Games Not quite right.
Jeopardy Backgammon The potential for awkward/bad rolls on a future turn.
Joker Backgammon A very good roll that has a direct impact on the outcome of the game.
Jolly Betting The favourite.
Juice Poker Also referred to as the rake and meaning all money collected by the house.
Jump and jive Bingo Bingo call for number 35.
Junior Backgammon Refers to the chequer that is right at the back.
Kamikaze play Backgammon Breaking points in your home board with the intention of getting hit to recirculate your chequers.
Kansas City Low Poker Deuce-to-seven lowball.
Keep Honest Poker Calling a final bet despite being unlikely to win in order to discourage future bluffs
Keith count Backgammon Formula devised by Tom Keith for making cube decisions in pure race to the finish games.
Kelly's Eye Bingo Bingo call for number 1.
Key of the door Bingo Bingo call for number 21.
Key point Backgammon A point required to complete a blockade or prime in front of your opponent's runners.
Kibitz Backgammon To heckle players from the side-lines.
Kibitzer Backgammon Spectator of a Backgammon game.
Kicker Poker A secondary card not used to evaluate the hand unless required for a tie-breaker.
Kill a number Backgammon Create a position which makes a particular number on the dice unplayable for the following roll.
Kill pot Poker Occasional hand played at double stakes
Kilter Poker Describes various non-standard poker hands.
Kiting (1) Games Running off, maybe to return just a bit later
Kiting (2) Games Running around enemies killing them one by one.
Kitty Poker Home game equivalent of the rake. Also known as beer money.
Knock at the door Bingo Bingo call for number 4.
KTHNXBYE Games Abbreviation of 'OK, thanks, goodbye' used to get rid of someone disrespectfully.
Ladder Backgammon Ongoing tournament in which players are ranked by ability. Challenges can be made within a few rungs of your own rank and beating a higher player improves your own rank.
Lag Games Network, server or client disturbance that makes the game stutter
Lag Poker A style of play which is termed as 'loose-aggressive' where a player makes a lot of starting plays with small raises with a view to out-playing the other players.
Last call for breakfast Backgammon Player's final opportunity to throw a winning number for the game or to avoid a gammon.
Laydown Poker Regrettably folding a good hand in the belief there is a better hand on the table.
Layout Roulette The betting table markings - numbers layout for placing bets.
Leak Poker A weakness in a player's game that causes them to win less money than they could
Leet Games See 1337
Leg up button Poker The button used to show who last won the hand in a kill game.
Leg's eleven Bingo Bingo call for number 11.
Light Poker A hand which is unlikely to be a winning hand and requires light betting/bluffing
Limp in Poker Entering a pot by calling and not raising.
Limp-re-raise Poker Raising in the same round as previously limped in, revealing a stronger hand.
Line bet Roulette Bet that one of six numbers will come in.
Little duck with a crutch Bingo Bingo call for number 27.
Live game Poker Game with a lot of action. Often refers to a game where there are a lot of unskilled players.
Live poker Poker Actually played at a table not online or video poker
Lock up Poker Placing a chip, card or other placeholder on a seat that is occupied by a player but that player is currently absent
LongGammon Backgammon Variation game where each player starts with 15 chequers on the opponents 1-point.
Loose Poker Describing a style of play, this is a player who calls alot throughout the game
Loose chequer Backgammon A blot/vulnerable chequer that could be hit.
Loose play Backgammon Play leaving your own chequers at risk.
Loot Games The valuables dropped by a mob or player when killed
Loot Ninja Games A player who collects loot which he/she is not entitled to.
Lore Games Refers to the extensive back story developed for a game world.
Lose one's market Backgammon Fall from a position where your double gets accepted to where it's rejected.
LOTRO Games Lord Of The Rings Online, a game based on Tolkiens trilogy
Lover's leap Backgammon An opening roll of 6-5 played from your 1-point to the mid-point.
Low bet Roulette Bet that a number between 1-18 will come in.
Low roller Roulette Small money bettor.
LPB Games Low ping bastard - person with internet connection which gives an advantage.
Lucky jar Bingo A jar full of cash that you win if you have the lucky number that is called out.
Lucky seven Bingo Bingo call for number 7.
Made in heaven Bingo Bingo call for number 67.
Main pot Poker Or centre pot. When a player goes all in, side pots will be created for additional bets outside of the main pot
Major split Backgammon Moving your two runners (chequers that began the game in the opponent's 1-point) from the other player's 1-point to their 4 or 5-point.
Make Poker Shuffling the deck.
Make a point Backgammon Place two chequers together on the same point so that your opponent cannot land on that point until you have moved one.
Make them wait Bingo Bingo call for number 58.
Make your board Backgammon Closing all points in your home board.
Man Backgammon Chequer.
Man alive Bingo Bingo call for number 5.
Maniac Poker A hyper-aggressive player who plays a lot of hands, bets, raises and bluffs constantly
Manque Roulette Low bet.
Mark Casino A person who gets swindled.
Marker Casino Form a player fills out to receive credit at the table.
Material Backgammon Builders - chequers that are poised to give you points.
Me and you Bingo Bingo call for number 2.
Meal for two Bingo Bingo call for number 69.
Meatshield Games Player who puts themselves in danger to help other players.
Meet Poker To call.
Micro-limit Poker Refers to stake levels in online poker rooms where the stakes are so small, real cardrooms would never profit
Middle pair Poker The status between early and late positions in a betting round.
Minimum buy-in Poker The least amount of money required to play a game.
Minor split Backgammon Moving one of your two runners (chequers that began the game in the opponent's 1-point) from the other player's 1-point to their 2 or 3-point.
Miscall Poker False verbal declaration of the ranking of your hand
Misdeal Poker Improper dealing of the cards requiring a redeal
Misere Backgammon Version of Backgammon where you have to be the last to bear off all your chequers.
Missed Blind Poker A bet missed, possibly due to a players absence from the table, that must be made up on return.
Mites and Lice Poker Two pair hand of 3s over 2s
Mixed roll Backgammon Two dice thrown to reveal different numbers.
MMOFPS Games Massive Multi Player Online First Person Shooter
MMORPG Games Massive Multi Player Online Role Playing Game
Mob Games Mobile, an automatic person or animal in a game
Mob Games Mobile object - often non-player characters you have to kill for points.
Money ball Bingo Number drawn before the game starts that doubles the winnings if you win with that number.
Money plays Casino Betting cash at the tables not chips.
Monkey Betting A £500 bet.
Monster Poker A seriously bad hand
Moonlight bingo Bingo Night bingo games from approx 10am.
More than eleven Bingo Bingo call for number 37.
Move down Backgammon Move from one player's outer board to the other.
Move in Poker Going all in.
M-ratio Poker A measure of the health of your chip stack which helps you plan your approach for remaining games taking blinds and antes into account
Muck Poker The pile of burnt cards from between deals or to fold a hand.
Mucker Casino Someone cheating by sleight of hand.
MUD Games Multi User Dungeon, early form of online roleplaying game, text based
Multi-way pot Poker Same as family pot, multiple players challenge for the pot.
Mutual holding game Backgammon Game where both players have advanced anchors set up to prevent the other bringing their chequers home.
Nackgammon Backgammon Variation of Backgammon where the chequers start in different positions across the inner and outer board.
Nailing Poker Marking cards with a fingernail for the purpose of cheating
Nap Betting The best bet of the day from a tipster.
Natural Poker A hand with no wild cards
Natural Casino In blackjack, a two card hand of 21 points.
Naughty forty Bingo Bingo call for number 40.
Nearly there Bingo Bingo call for number 89.
Negative progression Casino Any betting system where you increase your bets after losing.
Nerfed Games Something has gotten diminished
New York Stud Poker 5 Card Sud where 4 flush beats a pair
Nick Games Nickname chosen by a player
Nick Nick Bingo Bingo call for number 49.
Nickel Casino $5 usually represented by a red casino check
Nickel-dime Poker A small-stake game
No action Roulette Dealer call to state a bet will not be met by the house or the spin did not count.
No dice Backgammon The call when the dice are cocked i.e land on an edge in between numbers.
No offers Betting When bookies are unable to offer a price on a horse.
No-brainer Backgammon A pure race game.
Noir Roulette Black bet.
No-limit Poker Betting structure where players can bet any amount of chips
Noob Games A beginner
Northern flight Poker 7 Card Stud where all hearts are wild
NPC Games Non player character. The computer generated characters that you have no control over.
Nub Games Derives from Noob, Newbie. A beginner at the game
Nucleus players Poker Regular and dependable players
Nullo play Backgammon Play which will not be profitable for any sequence of future rolls.
Nursing Poker Conservative play due to a diminuished chip stack
Nut Poker The winnings required to survive as a professional player
Nuts Poker The best hand possible in the game, 'the nuts'.
Odd bet Roulette A bet on an odd number to come up.
Odds Poker The chances of making a hand against the chances of not making that hand
Odds against Poker Refers to the number of failures for each success.
Odds for Poker The number of attempts made for each success.
Off-suit Poker Cards which are unsuited.
Often been kissed Bingo Bingo call for number 17.
Old age pension Bingo Bingo call for number 65.
OMFG Games Oh My Fucking God
OMG Games Oh My God
On end Poker 4 card straight with only one end that is open to make the hand.
On roll Backgammon The player who's turn it is at that point.
On the bar Backgammon Following a hit, your chequer will be moved to the bar (wooden ridge in the middle of the board). You cannot move any other chequers until you roll correctly to enter that chequer back onto the board.
On the button Poker The last player to bet in a round
On the square Roulette An honest game.
On tilt Poker Where players can bet any amount on any round in that game.
One dozen Bingo Bingo call for number 12.
One fat lady Bingo Bingo call for number 8.
One little duck Bingo Bingo call for number 2.
One more time Bingo Bingo call for number 79.
One score Bingo Bingo call for number 20.
One-chip rule Poker Call made with a higher chip value than necessary. This is considered a call unless verbally confirmed as a raise.
One-eyed royals Poker Jack of spades, jack of hearts and king of diamonds - picture cards where side profiles are depicted.
Open Poker To start the game with the first bet.
Open card Poker Face up card
Open limp Poker The first person in the pot pre-flop but without raising.
Open pair Poker A pair that has been dealt face-up
Open point Backgammon Position on the board not currently occupied by two or more of the opponent's chequers.
Open poker Poker Poker game structure where some of the cards have to be dealt face up
Open seat Poker Available seat at the table
Opener button Poker Button placed in front of the person who opened a pot in a draw game.
Otter Backgammon As per beaver- an immediate redouble following acceptance of a double.
Outdraw Poker Beating a player with a better hand
Outer board Backgammon Side of the board comprising points furthest away from the player 7-12-point
Outfield Backgammon Outer board, specifically 9, 10 & 11-point
Outfit Games Se Clan
Outs Poker Number of cards remaining in the deck that could improve a hand.
Outside bets Roulette 2-1 bets on the outer edge of the table layout.
Overbet Poker Making a bet that is bigger than the value of the pot in a no-limit game.
Overcall Poker Calling a bet following calls from one or more players at the table.
Overcards Poker Cards that have a higher rank than the cards on the table.
Overpair Poker A pocket pair that outranks any of the cards on the table.
Overweight Bingo Bingo call for number 28.
Owner of the cube Backgammon The player who last accepted the double and who is the only one permitted to make the next double.
P.C Bingo Bingo call for number 49.
P.C Casino The house edge percentage abbreviated.
Paint cards Poker All face, or picture, cards.
Pair Poker Two cards of the same rank.
Pair Roulette Betting on even numbers to come up.
Par for the course Bingo Bingo call for number 72.
Parlay Backgammon Succession of events that could only unfold because of the previous event.
Parlay Roulette Doubling a bet following a win.
Partial prime Backgammon A prime of fewer than 6 consecutive points.
Pass Backgammon Refuse a double.
Pass Poker To fold.
Passe Roulette High bet.
Passive Poker A style of play describing a player who hardly ever raises.
Past posting Roulette To place a bet after the winning number has been declared. Highly illegal.
Pat Poker A made hand in a draw game; a pat hand.
Pattern Bingo The shape you need to cover on your card to get bingo for a particular game.
Pay station Poker No-limit betting rounds in a game.
Pegging Poker Marking cards to cheat i.e. Fingernail marks.
Penny ante Poker Game with very low stakes.
Perfecta Backgammon Best possible roll, also known as a joker.
Permadeath Games When a character dies in a game that does not have any form of resurrection
Pick and mix Bingo Bingo call for number 26.
Picked off Poker Gettiing called when you're bluffing.
Pigeon Poker A beginner or easy player
Pinching Roulette Illegally removing chips off your bet when the number doesn't come in.
Pineapple Hold'em Poker Variation of Hold'em with three pocket cards and one discardable card.
Pip Backgammon Distance between points on the board as well as spots on the die.
Pip count Backgammon Number of points a player must move to get home and bear off his/her chequers.
Pips Poker The spotted characters on the face of the card.
Pit Casino Area where there are a number of gaming tables together.
PK Games Player Killer or Player Killing, either a player attacking others or a type of game
Planetside Games A massive multiplayer first person shooter
Play back Poker Raising or re-raising previous bets from another player.
Play hand Poker A hand on which you bet aggressively.
Play over Poker Playing in a seat which has been temporarily vacated by another player.
Ply Backgammon One turn of a player.
Pocket cards Poker The unseen cards in your hand; also referred to as hole cards or down cards.
Pocket pair Poker When your hole cards make a pair
Pocket rockets Poker A pair of aces as hole cards.
Point Backgammon One of the 24 narrow triangles featured on the Backgammon board.
Point Poker The value of a card.
Point on blot Backgammon Hitting a chequer with two of your own chequers thus making a point as well as a hit.
Poker face Poker Maintaining your face so it is void of expression throughout the game, in order not to give any clues as to your hand.
Pony Betting Bookies slang for £25.
Position Poker Your position at the table in relation to the dealer.
Positive progression Casino Increasing bets following wins.
Post Poker Adding your chips to the pot as part of the forced bet; the small or big blind.
Post dead Poker Posting chip value equal to small and big blind together, perhaps as a result of a missed bet.
Post oak bluff Poker Betting a very small amount relative to the total pot value to create the impression you have a strong hand by appearing to lure players into betting. A double bluffing technique.
Pot Poker The chips/money/items placed in the middle of the table that all players are attempting to win.
Pot limit Poker Where the maximum bet can only equal the size of the pot.
Pot-committed Poker The point at which, generally in a no-limit game, you can't fold as the pot is so much larger than your stack.
PPG Backgammon Points per game - measure of ability of a player.
Pr0n Games Deliberate mispelling of the word 'porn'.
PRAT Backgammon Position, Race And Threats - principles of making cube decisions.
Preclear Backgammon Moving your chequer from a high point in your home board to a low point in anticipation of bearing off.
Pre-flop Poker The point before the cards are dealt to the board and bets are made based only on the hole cards.
Premiere Roulette First group of 12 numbers in the Dozen Bet.
Premium players Casino High rollers
Press Casino Increasing the amount bet following a win.
Prime Backgammon 6 consecutive made points forming a blockade which is unpassable until it gets broken.
Prime fighter Backgammon Player accepting a double despite having one or more chequers trapped behind an opponents prime.
Primed Backgammon Trapped behind a prime.
Probe bet Poker Where a player who didn't take the lead in betting pre-flop, bets post flop.
Proposing bets Poker Side bets made between players that are not related to the current hand.
Puff Backgammon The German name for Backgammon.
Puppy feet/Pups Poker A flush of clubs or generally the club suit.
Push Casino A tie.
Put on Poker Putting someone' on a hand is deducing what they have based on their play.
PvE Games Player versus Enviroment, a type of game where players don't fight each other
PvP Games Player vs Player, either an actual fight or a type of game
Pwn Games Own, to beat someone
QP Games Quest Points, often the reward for finishing a quest
Quacks Backgammon Double ducks i.e. 2s
Quadrant Backgammon One quarter of the board which is split into 4 playing areas inc inner and outer board for each player an dis divided by the bar.
Quads Backgammon Rolling double 4s on the dice.
Quads Poker 4 of a kind
Quake Games Early First Person Shooter
Qualifier Poker In high-low games, the low hand, for example, must meet a minimum hand value to enter the game.
Quart Poker 4 card straight flush
Quarters Casino Usually green $25 chips.
Queen B Bingo Bingo call for number 73.
Quest Games A mission that players can get
Quiet play Backgammon Unthreatening play.
Quint Poker A straight flush (5 cards)
Quint major Poker Royal straight flush
Quitting time Poker A time agreed by all player by which to end the game.
Quiz factor Backgammon Related to moves that seem so obvious they may not be the correct play.
Quorum Poker Term to explain the minimum number of players required for a game.
Rabbit hunt Poker Looking through the pack after a hand is complete to see where your cards woudl have come up.
Raccoon Backgammon Immediate redouble by the player who just accepted a previous redouble (or beaver).
Rack Poker The tray used for storing chips or a collection of 100 chips of the same value in the tray.
Rag Poker A low ranked card deemed worthless.
Ragged Poker Can be used to describe a flop that was useless to most players.
Raid Games Large scale Quest
Rail Backgammon The bar in the middle of the board.
Rail Poker The rim around a poker tabe. If you 'go to the rail', you've lost all your money.
Railbird Poker A person who lingers next to poker tables waiting for a seat or just watching play.
Railroad tracks Backgammon Lots of chequers on the same point aka 'candlesticks'.
Rainbow Poker Often used to describe the flop, refers to cards of varying suits.
Raise Poker Increasing the previous bet amount.
Raise blind Poker Raising without having looked at your cards or paying the blind.
Rake Poker Like a kitty, this is the poker room's take for hosting the game.
Rakeback Poker A rebate by the poker room of a portion of the rake paid by a player.
Rank Poker The number on the card, the value.
Rap Poker An action signifying checking where a player knocks on the table.
Rated match Backgammon A match that directly relates and counts towards your rank.
Ratholing Poker Also known as 'going south', refers to sneaking chips off the table while play is underway.
Ratings pool Backgammon Players who participate in the ability rating system.
Razz Poker A game of 7 Card Stud in which the lowest 5 cards win.
Re-buy Poker Chips purchased after the initial buy-in.
Recirculate Backgammon Deliberately make your chequers vulnerable to hits in order to gain time to preserve other valuable points.
Recube Backgammon Redouble.
Red bet Roulette Betting that a red number will come in.
Red raw Bingo Bingo call for number 64.
Re-draw Poker Making a hand and then getting a better hand on a subsequent draw.
Reds Casino Casino chips worth $5.
Refuse a double Backgammon If a player offers a double and you refuse, you resign the game rather than play at twice the stakes.
Re-raise Poker Raising a previously raised bet.
Return shot Backgammon Hitting immediately after you have been hit yourself.
RFB Casino Room, Food and Beverages - often given as a freebie in a casino.
Ribbon clerk Poker A small-time player.
Ring game Poker A game which is not a tournament i.e. A sit n'go
Rise and shine Bingo Bingo call for number 29.
River Poker The last card dealt in poker games, also known as fifth street.
rng Games Luck, short for random number generator
Rock Poker A tight, passive player who plays few hands and always strong hands.
Rocketjump Games Launching a rocket downwards while jumping to get extra height
ROFL Games Rolling on the floor laughing
Rolled up Poker Getting 3 of a kind in the first 3 cards dealt in 7 Card stud
Roomies Bingo Active online bingo players who spend a lot of time in the chat rooms.
Root number Backgammon A roll on the dice that forces a position to collapse.
Rouge Roulette Red bet.
Round robin Backgammon Tournament where every competitor plays every other competitor in turn.
Rounder Poker An expert player who seeks out high-stakes games by moving around poker rooms.
RPG Games Role Playing Game
RTS Games Real Time Strategy, a kind of strategy game where the time keeps moving
Rugby team Bingo Bingo call for number 15.
Ruin Casino Losing your entire bankroll.
Run Poker A straight or several good hands in a row i.e. On a run.
Run a pot Poker A hand won by consistent bluffing throughout.
Runner Backgammon One of the two chequers that started on the opponent's 1-point, any chequer on the bar.
Runner-runner Poker Making a hand by getting two cards on the turn and river.
Running bad Poker A streak of bad luck - losing several times in a row.
Running pair Poker Where the last two cards dealt to the board are a pair.
Rush Poker A winning streak maintained over a period of time i.e. Last few tournaments/games/big pots
Safety a chequer Backgammon Move a chequer away from danger of being hit.
Sandbagging Poker Slowplay designed to reel players in before revealing a strong hand.
Sandbox Games A mode of the game where things can be tested without having any effects on the rest of the game
Satellites Poker Small tournaments where the prize is entry to a big tournament.
Save a number Backgammon Leaving a position that allows you to comfortable move without risking any positions on your next roll.
Save Backgammon Backgammon Get all of your chequers out of your opponent's home board before they bear off.
Saving grace Bingo Bingo call for number 68.
Sawdust joint Casino A down market casino.
Scare card Poker Face up card i.e. Dealt on the turn that could create a strong hand for your opponents.
Scared money Casino Money that a player cannot afford to lose.
Scoop Poker Winning the entire pot e.g. In a high-low game this would mean taking both pots.
Scramble Poker Mixing the cards when they are face down.
Second pair Poker Refers to community games where you pair the second highest ranking card on the board.
Section Shooter Roulette A dealer who tries to hit certain sections on the wheel from throw in and spin.
See Poker Call a bet.
Sell Poker Betting less despite having a strong hand in order to encourage more money into the pot by your opponents.
Semiactive builder Backgammon A chequer that may or may not be able to make a point depending on the next roll.
Semi-bluff Poker Bluffing with a weak hand on an early round in the hope it will improve on the draw.
Set Poker Three of a kind.
Settlement Backgammon Agreement between players to end the game early with payment made on fair assessment of points and value of the position.
Seven dozen Bingo Bingo call for number 84.
Shark Poker An experienced and highly skilled player who often plays deceptively to start with.
Sherwood forest Bingo Bingo call for number 33.
She's lovely Bingo Bingo call for number 16.
Shift gears Backgammon Change your game plan.
Shift points Backgammon Giving up one point in order to make a different point.
Shill Casino A casino employee who is paid to play games that are being underplayed.
Shmup Games Abbreviation of shoot 'em up.
Shoe Poker The container used to hold cards in a casino.
Shootout Poker Tournament rules where the winner of one table plays the winners of the other tables until an ultimate winner is established.
Short handed Poker A game with only a few players e.g. Six or less
Short stack Poker A small stack of chips in comparison to the stakes in play.
Showdown Poker When more than one player remains after a betting round, cards are exposed to assess the winner.
Signature Roulette Subconscious ability of dealer to place the ball close to the previous winning number.
Silver mining Casino Looking for coins left in slot machines.
Silver point Backgammon Refers to the opponent's 4-point, the second best place after the golden point to secure an anchor.
Sit n' go Poker Game played as soon as the table is filled.
Six dozen Bingo Bingo call for number 72.
Sixain Roulette Six-number or a line bet.
Skin Games The outward appearance of something.
Skin Casino A dollar.
Slot Backgammon Placing a single chequer on a point with the intention of supporting it on your next go.
Slow roll Poker Taking a long time to reveal your cards at the showdown to force other players to reveal first.
Slowplay Poker Playing with a strong hand but making it appear weak to lure more money into the pot.
Small blind Poker The forced bet with the lower value, as opposed to big blind.
Smooth call Poker Calling by raising your hand.
Snake eyes Backgammon Double 1s on the dice roll.
Snakes alive Bingo Bingo call for number 55.
Snapped off Poker Where a strong hand gets beaten.
Snow Poker A worthless hand
Snow job Poker To bluff and win with a worthless hand.
Soft play Poker Going easy on an opponent.
Soft seat Poker Game/seat where there are a high number of unskilled players.
Solid Poker A tight, dependable player who is generally pretty good.
SP Betting Starting price
Spawn Games The characters rebirth or rebirth place
Speed limit Bingo Bingo call for number 30.
Speed limit Poker A pair of 5s
Splash the pot Poker Bad etiquette of throwing chips into the pot in an adhoc way.
Split Poker A tie between two or more players.
Split bet Roulette Bet that one of two numbers will come in.
Split pot Poker Sharing the pot across two or more winning hands.
Split two pair Poker When you have pocket pairs that make up two further pairs on the board.
Spoiler Games Info that gives away a vital plot or gameplay prematurely.
Spread Poker Range between minimum and maximum bets on the table.
Squared deck Poker A deck that is evenly stacked and ready to deal.
Squeeze Poker Spreading your cards out slowly to look at them.
Squeeze play Poker Bluffing a re-raise with weak cards after a raise was called by someone else in a bid to get them to fold.
Stack Poker Your pile of chips.
Stack Roulette Group od 20 roulette chips.
Stacked deck Poker A pre-ordered deck in favour of a certain player.
Stakes Poker Defines the buy-in and betting amounts of a game.
Stand off Poker Calling someone's raise.
Stand pat Poker Playing your originall hand with no draws in Draw Poker.
Standing hand Casino A hand of 17 or more in blackjack that is likely to bust if another card is called.
Staying alive Bingo Bingo call for number 85.
Steam Backgammon Play impatiently due to annoyance at bad luck.
Steam Poker Irrational, unpredictable play by an aggitated player.
Steam rolling Poker Re-raising so a player has to call both bets.
Steamer Betting A horse whose odds are continually shortened due to heavy support.
Steel wheel Poker 5 high straight in the same suit.
Steps Bingo Bingo call for number 39.
Stone Backgammon Chequer
Stop and run Bingo Bingo call for number 81.
Strafe Games Moving sideways, sometimes used for moving left-right repetedly
Strafejump Games Moving sideways from left to right while jumping
Straggler Backgammon The last chequer heading for home.
Straight Poker 5 consecutively ranked cards of any suit.
Straight flush Poker 5 cards ranked consecutively in the same suit.
Straight on through Bingo Bingo call for number 82.
Straight-up bet Roulette A bet on one number on the inner table.
Street bet Roulette A bet that one of three numbers will come in.
String bet Poker Motioning two acts of play i.e. Call and later raise.
Strip a point Backgammon To remove all bar two chequers from a point.
Strive and strive Bingo Bingo call for number 75.
Stuck in the Tree Bingo Bingo call for number 53.
Stud Poker Type of poker game.
Sunset strip Bingo Bingo call for number 77.
Sweet sixteen Bingo Bingo call for number 16.
Swiss-cheese formation Backgammon Position with many gaps and not many adjacent made points.
Sydney Backgammon The roll of 1-6 to escape a prime (block) from the bar while also hitting a blot.
Table cards Poker Face up cards on the board for everyone's use, also known as community cards.
Tag Poker Tight-aggressive playing style notable by a player playing a small number of very strong starting hands and aggressive play when in the pot.
Tailgate Backgammon Starting to throw your dice before your opponent has finished his/her turn.
Take down Roulette Recalling a wager before a decision.
Tank Games Big bodied character that functions as the meat shield in combat
Tap Poker Wagering your whole stack in a single bet.
Tapped out Poker Out of money/chips.
Tapped out Roulette Broke.
Tell Poker A player's give-away or sign that suggests a particular hand or whether they are bluffing etc.
Tempo Backgammon Unit of time equal to half a roll in positional development.
Tempo move Backgammon A hit to forestall your opponent and losing them half a roll.
The Beatle's number Bingo Bingo call for number 64.
The lord is my shepherd Bingo Bingo call for number 23.
The same both ways Bingo Bingo call for number 69.
The T.P. Backgammon A player's 2-point
Thee and me Bingo Bingo call for number 23.
Third man walking Poker In a casino, in the case that two people are away from the table, the third player to leave will have a time limit put on his/her return or the seat will be forfeited.
Third street Poker Applies to 7 Card Stud and the first betting round on the initial three cards.
Those famous steps Bingo Bingo call for number 39.
Three bet Poker The third player to raise in a game.
Three dozen Bingo Bingo call for number 36.
Three flush Poker 3 cards of the same suit.
Three of a kind Poker 3 cards of equal rank. Also known as 'trips'.
Three score Bingo Bingo call for number 60.
Three score and ten Bingo Bingo call for number 70.
Thrity miles Poker Triple tens.
Tickety boo Bingo Bingo call for number 62.
Tickle me Bingo Bingo call for number 63.
Tied on Poker A hand that is good enough to play until the end.
Tight Poker A style of play when a player doesn't play many pots. A tight game is often boring.
Tilt Poker When a player gets emotional and irrational and often makes poor betting decisions.
Time for fun Bingo Bingo call for number 41.
Time for tea Bingo Bingo call for number 83.
TMP Backgammon Too many points. An inflexible position where you have many made points and not enough spare chequers for decent play.
Toke Poker The tip given to the dealer by the winner of the pot in a brick and mortar casino.
Toke Hustler Casino A dealer who tries to get players to tip.
Tom Casino A bad tipper.
Tom's tricks Bingo Bingo call for number 6.
Top kicker Poker Highest ranking card not on the board.
Top of the house Bingo Bingo call for number 90.
Top of the shop Bingo Bingo call for number 90.
Top pair Poker Highest made pair comprising a hole card and card on the board.
Torquay in Devon Bingo Bingo call for number 87.
Trailer Backgammon Person behind in the match.
Transposition Backgammon Reaching the same position in different ways.
Transversale Roulette 3 number bet also known as trio bet or street bet.
Trapper Poker Underbetting a good hand to draw money into the pot.
Treys Poker Three pairs.
Trice triangle Backgammon Perfect position for bearing in - chequers on 6,5,4 points in triangular fashion.
Trips Poker Three of a kind.
Trombones Bingo Bingo call for number 76.
Turn Poker The fourth card dealt in community games.
Turn on the screw Bingo Bingo call for number 62.
Turn the crank Backgammon To offer a double.
Tweak of the thumb Bingo Bingo call for number 51.
Twink Games Player that has power way advanced for their level of play.
Two dozen Bingo Bingo call for number 24.
Two fat ladies Bingo Bingo call for number 88.
Two flush Poker Two suited cards
Two little crutches Bingo Bingo call for number 77.
Two little ducks Bingo Bingo call for number 22.
Two little fleas Bingo Bingo call for number 33.
Two pair Poker Two different pairs in the hand.
Two-way hand Poker A hand that could win high and low pots.
Uncle doc Poker 5 Card Stud with one card table.
Under the gun Backgammon Blot in the home board which is in direct range of three or more builders and at risk of being pointed on i.e. 2 chequers taking the blot and making a point.
Under the gun Poker First player to act - usually the player to the left of the blinds.
Underdog Poker The player or hand that is least likely to win the pot.
Underpair Poker Pocket pair that has a lower value than the lowest card on the table.
Underplay Poker Betting small amounts to keep players in the pot.
Unlucky for some Bingo Bingo call for number 13.
Unstack Backgammon Remove chequers from a heavy point.
Up the creek Poker Game where split-whiskered kings define the wild cards.
Up to tricks Bingo Bingo call for number 46.
Uphill Poker Chasing a winning draw against a better hand.
Valentine's day Bingo Bingo call for number 14.
Valet Poker A jack.
Value Poker A bet for value is when you genuinely want your opponents to call i.e. You are not bluffing so they fold.
Variance Poker Peaks and troughs in your bankroll.
Vic Casino Person who will be swindled - a victim.
Victory roll Poker Victoriously displaying your cards in confidence, or knowledge, that you have won in a showdown.
Vigorish Poker The rake. Also known as the vig, the juice or the take.
Village people Poker 4 Queens.
Visual wheel tracking Roulette The ability to judge where the ball will land by sight.
Volunteer a shot Backgammon Deliberately leave a blot in hitting range so it gets taken now rather than later when the danger may be greater.
Wake up Poker To suddenly realise you have a strong hand after a round of play.
Walk Poker Where all players fold to the big blind.
Walk a prime Backgammon Roll the correct number to make a prime.
Walking sticks Poker A pair of 7s.
Wangdoodles Poker Increased stakes played after a big hand is shown down.
Wankfest Games An uninteresting gameplay experience.
Was she worth it? Bingo Bingo call for number 76. The cost of a wedding license used to be 7 shillings and sixpence.
Wash Poker Spreading the deck face down on the table to mix before shuffling.
WBA Backgammon World Backgammon Association
WBF Backgammon World Backgammon Federation
Weak Poker A player who keeps folding hands.
Weak ace Poker An ace with a low kicker.
Weeks in the year Bingo Bingo call for number 52.
Welcher Poker A player who does not honour their bet.
Whale Poker Player who makes incredibly large bets.
Wheel Poker Best low hand possible - A-2-3-4-5
Wheel chips Roulette Chips used exclusively for roulette.
Wheel clocking Roulette Keeping track of results to determine patterns or estimate speed of the spin to predict landing position of ball.
Wheel head Roulette The part of the roulette wheel that has the numbered pockets in it.
Wheel strategies Roulette Strategies based around the imperfections of a wheel to give the player the edge.
Whipsaw Poker Aggressive play on both sides of a calling player.
White meat Poker Profit.
Widow Poker A card which is common to all hands.
Wild card Poker A card which can be played as any rank or suit.
Window card Poker Face up card, community card
Window dressing Poker Three of a kind.
Wing Poker Have a winning streak.
Winnie the pooh Bingo Bingo call for number 42.
Wired Poker A pair, trips or 4 of a kind dealt consecutively in a hand.
Wooden hand Poker A worthless hand
WOOT Games Slang word to display happiness.
WoW Games World of Warcraft, the biggest of MMORPG's, created by Blizzard
XP Games Experience points
Yard Poker Refers to a $100 note or the value of $100.
Yeast Poker To raise - 'give it a little yeast'.
YGHN Poker Online chat and abbreviation for You Go Home Now aimed at a player you have just beaten hard.
Yoleven Casino Number 11 in Craps. Called like this to distinguish from number 7 in a busy casino.
You and me Bingo Bingo call for number 3.
Young and keen Bingo Bingo call for number 15.
Your place or mine Bingo Bingo call for number 69.
You're doing fine Bingo Bingo call for number 29.
YOYO Games You're on your own.
YTMND Games You're the man now dog.
Zerg Games The big mass of people
Z-game Poker The smallest game in the casino, the A-game being the biggest.
Zip Poker Preceeded by the rank of the highest card in your hand, means 'nothing' i.e. 8-zip.
Zombie Poker A player with a brilliant poker face, showing no tells at all.
Zuke Poker A term used for the toke, or tip, amongst dealers.
Zweihander Games Weapon requireing two hands to weild it.
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