How to play 5 Card Draw

Many of us start already as kids playing 5 card draw but in case anyone missed the rules Pokeriot is happy to supply them. 5 card draw is a normal poker game in the sense of the ranks of the hands and in general terms how you play it.

It is common in 5 card draw to play with antes, everyone pays a set amount to the pot before starting the hand. When antes are played all players are dealt 5 cards face down and the player to the left of the dealer starts the betting round. He can then choose to bet or check. If he chooses to check the player to the left of him is given the same choices but if he or anyone else for that matter bets the players loose the option of checking and can then instead, call, fold or raise.

When the round of betting is finished, everyone has called or folded, it’s time to get some new cards. It’s the draw phase. All players still in the hand get the option to draw cards, you discard as many cards as you whish to draw, any number, none or all and get as many cards, as you discarded, from the dealer. When the draw phase is finished it is time for another betting round. The second betting round works exactly as the first.

When the second betting round is finished it is time for showdown. All players still in the hand show their hands and the player with the best cards wins the pot.

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